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5123 2427d 03h clevermouse / * gcc flags: add -march=pentium-mmx -fno-rtti
* menuetlibc: fix printf, sprintf
* menuetlibc: alias clock() to sysfn 26.9.
Not exactly what is required by POSIX, but better than zero
* autobuild games/checkers
5115 2429d 18h clevermouse / auto-build games/xonix  
5113 2429d 18h clevermouse /data/ auto-build games/rforces  
5111 2429d 18h clevermouse /data/ switch games/reversi to auto-built version  
5107 2429d 20h clevermouse / auto-build /kolibrios/games/fara  
4484 2665d 20h hidnplayr / Fara: Exit when pressing 'X' button. Press enter to start game instead of stupid number buttons. Reduced flicker on window redraw.  
4482 2665d 23h hidnplayr /data/ Updated fara binaries (built with Visual Studio 2012)  
4017 2764d 01h Albom /data/ Reversi with scrore printing.  
3134 3058d 15h leency /data/ cleaned 13,5 Kb in distro!  
2831 3236d 00h leency /data/rus/games/ whowtbam: new version uploaded  
2788 3248d 22h clevermouse / add hd_load and games to english livecd  
1932 3646d 12h yogev_ezra /data/ games/klavisha: build from sources  
1824 3749d 02h yogev_ezra / Games: bnc, FindNumbers, gomoku, MSquare, sq_game, sudoku - add compilation from sources; remove binaries from SVN.  
1803 3751d 14h yogev_ezra / Added source code of games 'kox', 'lights', 'sw'. Changed MakeFile to have them compile from sources. Removed pre-compiled versions.  
1766 3755d 21h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: allow additional parameters for C-- compiler, autobuild games/mine  
1764 3756d 00h clevermouse / autobuild HLL stuff  
1759 3761d 01h dunkaist /data/ now Makefile copies snake.ini from its trunk, so it will be always up-to-date  
1752 3761d 18h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: support for NASM compilation  
1737 3764d 00h clevermouse /data/ data for build system