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4054 2896d 21h Albom /data/ File associations for .sh to Shell. (P.S. Don't forget #SHS in your scripts).  
3780 3000d 06h Serge / remame /addappl to /KolibriOS  
3677 3020d 16h mario79 /data/ Adding a video player Fplay in nightly builds. It works automatically only if there is a partition with a "file-label" kolibri.lbl, that is, in general issue, the CD/DVD ISO disk KolibriOS must be present in the drive.  
3103 3207d 07h Albom / File associations for kfar and kfm in data and programs folders merged.  
2766 3389d 23h leency /data/ Eolite: file associations  
2663 3421d 02h leency /data/ filemanagers ini files correction  
2567 3459d 16h leency /data/ Eolite.ini new  
2546 3461d 18h leency /data/ default screensaver changed to assm mode  
2393 3500d 15h dunkaist /data/ file managers assotiations updated: wbmp (example, r2392 related)  
2391 3500d 16h dunkaist /data/ file managers assotiations updated (pbm, pgm, pnm, tif, tiff)  
2081 3688d 03h leency /data/rus/File Managers/ correct eolite.ini  
1924 3797d 20h dunkaist /data/ associations for xcf format (for /data/rus, sorry)  
1737 3903d 02h clevermouse /data/ data for build system