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1852 3747d 05h mario79 /data/ Corrected kfm.ini to the nightly builds.  
1844 3749d 01h clevermouse / Makefile: use kiv.ini from kiv folder  
1843 3749d 02h clevermouse / Makefile: autobuild media/ac97snd  
1841 3749d 05h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: slightly shorter autobuild string  
1840 3749d 06h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: add autobuild string to the boot screen  
1837 3750d 02h clevermouse / Makefile: autobuild kpack,kfm, copy bitmaps from kfm folder  
1835 3750d 08h clevermouse /data/ Revert r1834: ICQ is unuseable  
1834 3751d 08h yogev_ezra / Add ICQ to the auto-build script  
1829 3752d 06h clevermouse / Makefile: autobuild @notify,MyKey,spanel,test  
1824 3752d 09h yogev_ezra / Games: bnc, FindNumbers, gomoku, MSquare, sq_game, sudoku - add compilation from sources; remove binaries from SVN.  
1820 3753d 08h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: fix fasm,nasm dependency handling  
1803 3754d 21h yogev_ezra / Added source code of games 'kox', 'lights', 'sw'. Changed MakeFile to have them compile from sources. Removed pre-compiled versions.  
1794 3755d 00h yogev_ezra / Add sources of 'listplay' and 'startmus' to SVN; remove pre-compiled versions; force compile from sources.  
1791 3755d 02h yogev_ezra /data/ Update Makefile to reflect correct path for bcdclk  
1788 3755d 02h yogev_ezra /data/ Fix Makefile  
1787 3755d 02h yogev_ezra / Remove 3DS files from floppy back to sources (floppy disk full).  
1786 3755d 02h yogev_ezra / Revert '3dsheart' to pre-compiled version (last source code did not wish to compile).  
1781 3755d 04h yogev_ezra / Add '3DSheart' demo source; force compilation from source; remove pre-compiled binary from SVN.  
1780 3755d 05h yogev_ezra / Add 'flatwav' demo sources; force compilation from source; remove pre-compiled binary from SVN.  
1779 3755d 05h yogev_ezra / Add '3dspiral' demo sources; force compilation from source; remove pre-compiled binary from SVN.  
1778 3755d 05h yogev_ezra / Force 'web' demo to compile from sources. Remove pre-compiled file from 'data' folder.  
1768 3757d 07h clevermouse / clicks v0.77 by Leency, multi-language build  
1767 3759d 04h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: fix locks  
1766 3759d 04h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: allow additional parameters for C-- compiler, autobuild games/mine  
1765 3759d 06h clevermouse / add missing files for r1764  
1764 3759d 07h clevermouse / autobuild HLL stuff  
1759 3764d 08h dunkaist /data/ now Makefile copies snake.ini from its trunk, so it will be always up-to-date  
1753 3764d 23h mario79 / 1) Fix for HEED - the event of mouse processed only if the window on "top of stack" is now
2) Fix MENU.DAT for current path of HEED on ramdisk
1752 3765d 00h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: support for NASM compilation  
1749 3765d 09h dunkaist /data/rus/ @ss compiling crash fixed (for /data/rus)  
1744 3766d 04h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: separate fasm rule from programs list to avoid unnecessary rebuilds  
1743 3766d 05h clevermouse / better english name for light branch of END; compile light branch, not trunk  
1740 3767d 02h clevermouse /data/ cosmetic Makefile fix for output of dd  
1739 3767d 06h clevermouse / change path to repository in data/*/Makefile  
1737 3767d 07h clevermouse /data/ data for build system