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9819 200 d 1 h dunkaist /data/ Replace Checkers with FlappyBird on the desktop

Checkers was removed from img more than a year ago in r8503, and its
desktop icon has been broken since then. There were two options: to
return Checkers and to replace it on the desktop with another game.
I have chosen the latter one.

Perhaps, a more suitable icon should be used for FlappyBird, but I
haven't found one. Feel free to add it.
9711 303 d 0 h leency /data/ menu.dat: fix @reshare path (as @-items are parsed as section names)  
9678 312 d 0 h leency /data/rus/docs/ INSTALL.TXT: add a note about manual bootloader install according to passerby2012 notice  
9660 320 d 3 h leency /data/rus/File Managers/ kfar.ini: fix assoc  
9603 334 d 13 h leency / fix build, add info icon, pack fnav/about.txt  
9594 335 d 5 h leency / @reshare: add UI window, there you can see icon numbers btw
various fixes
9583 337 d 3 h vitalkrilov / Fixed all misuse of "/rd/1" (changed to "/sys"; all except "/programs/*" and "/kernel/*")
ati2d: fixed log creation
9582 337 d 11 h vitalkrilov / Changed file associations (Quark -> CEdit) because Quark is not in base floppy image.
Eolite: minor fixes of rus. translation
9575 338 d 6 h vitalkrilov /data/ kfar: Fixed broken links for quark, zsnes  
9572 339 d 1 h leency /data/ games.ini: fixed path for Tyrian game  
9525 344 d 21 h leency / buddhabrot: code refactoring, add "set as wallpaper" feature, fix rection on keys, add to IMG
eolite: small fix
9464 350 d 8 h leency / Classic KFM: fix Properties window  
9459 352 d 2 h leency / FASM: fixed by Prohor Nikiforov an issue reported by Vaicheslav97; update to version 1.73.29  
9453 353 d 5 h leency / appearance: WiP of adding screensaver tab
various small changes
9449 354 d 0 h leency / crownscr: can be used as a screensaver now  
9447 354 d 10 h leency /data/ new keyboard/font icon, emulators section small update  
9445 355 d 8 h leency / barscfg: save docky state on/off after reboot
cmm: all apps are now using shared icons, remove old implementation
9444 355 d 11 h leency / do not show docky by default  
9443 355 d 13 h leency /data/ menu.dat: the most fucking tedious work
icons16.png: several new icons
9439 356 d 7 h leency / @MENU: allow to set links to files that would be open using @open
MENU.DAT: add a "Welcome" link, small resort
WEBVIEW: fix links browsing at
@RESHARE: fix crash on skin change
CMM: use @reshare for some apps which leads to size decrease

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