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8503 129d 07h maxcodehack /data/ Fix autobuild (move checkers to ISO)  
8418 147d 04h leency / Netsurf: upload binnaries, add to ISO
NSINST: run app if exists on TPM, ISO, if not the download
7946 359d 06h leency / Replace TxtRead by Quark in IMG  
7424 953d 21h leency / Remove from SVN and from IMG:
- lib/array.obj
- lib/library.obj
SoftwareWidget (SysPanel, GameCenter):
- use relative paths for /sys/
- use short additional app directory path /k/ for /kolibrios/
- update syspanel.ini and game_center.ini
- a lot of new game icons
- all monitor screens changed from 3:4 to wide ones (16:9)
- several fixes, like KFM floppy icon is now looks like a real floppy
This is a big change so there is a probability to broke a compatability with custom distro builds. Please be pationate in this case.
7241 1120d 03h leency /data/ add "icons32" section in icons.ini  
7097 1303d 01h leency /data/ icons32.png: nsinstall and netsurf icons  
7059 1310d 19h ashmew2 /data/eng/settings/ Add NSINSTALL to Desktop (Bad icon)  
6761 1629d 00h leency / fix TXTREAD path  
6760 1629d 01h leency /data/ update desktop icons  
6752 1630d 18h leency /data/ build data: move megamaze to common folder,
icons32.png: add icons diff, textreader, clipboard
6255 1909d 02h leency /data/ add app_plus icon on desktop; update kmenu.obj from Veliant  
6169 1920d 04h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6085 1939d 03h leency /data/ icons32.png: fix transparent white color in @open, some gradient fixed
docky.ini: remove apps already present on desktop, add midamp
icon.ini: add fb2reader, move calc to the right, change pctdev to syspanel
6065 1942d 02h leency /data/ fb2read: update
icons32.png: fix fb2read icon
assoc.ini: fix fb2 assoc
Tupfile.lua: rename system_panel to syspanel
icon.ini: add syspanel to desktop @rb instead device link
File Managers/icons.ini: show txt icon for .fb2 files
5827 2067d 22h leency /data/ autobuild: add textreader to floppy, move life2 to cd  
4843 2582d 20h leency /data/ iconstrp.png: update  
4689 2606d 21h leency /data/ move WebView and PCIDEV form docky to desktop, move CPUid to docky  
4337 2710d 17h GerdtR /data/ Updated icon.ini  
4147 2748d 16h leency /data/ Some network icons, add IRC to desktop  
4094 2755d 19h mario79 /data/ Fix for r.4091