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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
6740 1793d 20h leency /data/ update some icons  
6656 1813d 19h leency / fix paths  
6654 1813d 20h leency / drvinst: v1.0, add to ISO  
6572 1840d 05h leency / Eolite: fix status bar for case when a lot of files, add ClipView to SysPanel->Monitoring  
6255 2070d 23h leency /data/ add app_plus icon on desktop; update kmenu.obj from Veliant  
6169 2082d 01h leency / rename "desktop" app to "skincfg"  
6096 2095d 15h leency / syspanel.ini: fix appearance path
appearance.c: do not show wallpaper tab is /kolibrios/res/wallpapers folder isn't exists
6092 2096d 17h leency /data/ game_center.ini, syspanel.ini: remove height value, make game_center window wider  
6065 2103d 23h leency /data/ fb2read: update
icons32.png: fix fb2read icon
assoc.ini: fix fb2 assoc
Tupfile.lua: rename system_panel to syspanel
icon.ini: add syspanel to desktop @rb instead device link
File Managers/icons.ini: show txt icon for .fb2 files
5961 2139d 00h leency /data/common/settings/ system_panel.ini: more spacious  
5815 2236d 02h pavelyakov /data/common/settings/ Update setting system panel  
5632 2274d 21h leency / /sys/setup: remove mouse options cos' they moved to mouse_cfg, add mouse_cfg to distro  
5456 2431d 20h leency /data/common/ icons32.png new flood-it icon from Deis Serbak, game_center.ini add forgotten red square game, system_panel.ini add palitra for configuration background  
5429 2435d 21h leency /data/ Add game center and system panel, update icons