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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
9060 13d 17h leency / sysfuncr.txt: translate 74.11 - 74.16
osupdate: add to ISO
icons16.png: update icons of windows, kolibri, floppy
cedit: update by akron1
8895 36d 16h leency / clean skins, small fixes in icons16.png  
8854 42d 03h leency / FKM2 (Eolite 5 beta): a new two panes mode  
8839 43d 13h leency / dl: automatically extract downloaded zip and 7z files
various fixes
8826 44d 06h leency / icons16.png: has 18x18 px size now
- move properly implemented
- show device icons in list
- bugfixes
clean skins
8821 45d 14h leency / cmm and icons update  
8764 51d 08h leency / eolite:
- rework two panes header
- use specific ini section for two-panes mode
- avoid double lines in scroll and table headers
- proper fix scroll issue
- do not save window size when the window is rolled-up
efm: yet another file manager :)
icons16.png: add scissors (cut) and paste icons
8762 51d 12h leency / icons16.png: update folder and sys icons
cedit: new version by akron1
eolite: fix scroll
8738 64d 03h leency /data/ cedit: add to IMG;
t_edit: move to ISO;
quark: move out from desktop (todo: remove edit capabilities);
set *.ch8 icon
configs and menues were updated
8722 70d 17h leency /data/common/ icons16.png: better build icon gamma  
8721 70d 17h leency /data/common/ icons16.png: add build icon  
8720 71d 11h leency /data/common/ icons16.png: add "run" icon  
7939 435d 09h leency / eskin: check skin exists 5 times with delay  
7937 435d 14h leency / icons16.png: new icon for .pal and .dtp files
skincfg: support of .dtp file open
7909 442d 14h leency / cmm tabs: slightly better implementation  
7906 443d 01h leency / SysMon: show all tmp disks, reparate general tab into two, precise calculation of rd disk empty space  
7904 443d 06h leency / editbox: remove selection if element was deactivated  
7896 444d 16h leency / update icons16.png, fix several skins and remove a couple of insane ones  
7889 445d 11h leency / icons16.png: small colors tweak to bring them into the common gamma
eng/settings/menu.dat: general update, sunc with rus
/data/rus/pipetka: remove as it is closed-source and replace by
pipet: add to IMG/develop/pipet (open-source, copy to clipboard function)
cmm/lib/io.h: fix library function
ircc: add 'x' to the close button, update tab colors to fix low contrast on some skins
7647 808d 14h leency / APM: slightly update UI and add it to IMG
ICONS32.PNG: new mouse and APM icons, update SYSMON icons
KFONT viewer: add colored mode, on by default

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