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2277 3673d 11h leency /data/ flood-it added to Makefile and menu.dat  
2272 3674d 01h leency /data/ menu.dat and makefiles updated  
2270 3674d 03h leency /data/ 3dspiral -> 3dwav  
2265 3675d 02h leency /data/Vortex86MX-eng/ iconstrp.gif updated for Vortex86  
2260 3675d 05h leency /data/ spanel deleted from Makefiles  
2258 3675d 16h mario79 / Correcting DOCKPACK  
2256 3676d 12h mario79 /data/ Correcting icons.dat  
2255 3676d 13h mario79 / Remove the old VRR code. p.1  
2253 3679d 09h leency /data/ docpack icon small update  
2251 3679d 11h leency /data/ new docpack icon  
2225 3687d 16h leency /data/ corrected fonts/  
2223 3687d 18h leency /data/ Ukrainian 'e'-like letter size fixed  
2181 3696d 08h mario79 /data/Vortex86MX-eng/ correct makefile for Vortex86MX  
2109 3717d 05h leency / httpc deleted from distro, /sys/downloader -> /sys/network/downloader, menu updated  
2092 3719d 11h leency / copyr deleted from nigtbuilds. Finally  
2087 3719d 19h dunkaist / asciivju: v0.3 R3, makefiles update (building from source)  
2070 3722d 07h dunkaist /data/Vortex86MX-eng/ Vortex makefile update for r2067, sorry  
2035 3741d 09h mario79 / Fix for r.2031 (and 2034)  
2034 3741d 09h mario79 /data/ Fix for r.2031  
2012 3748d 14h yogev_ezra /data/ 1) Update HD Audio driver in Vortex86MX image with a shorter-timings drivers
2) Update iconstrp.gif in all images with a new file from Leency
3) Remove games/soko from the Russian image to save some disk space

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