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9061 98d 20h leency /data/ fix  
9060 98d 21h leency / sysfuncr.txt: translate 74.11 - 74.16
osupdate: add to ISO
icons16.png: update icons of windows, kolibri, floppy
cedit: update by akron1
9018 104d 11h leency /data/ add Flappy bird to IMG  
9009 105d 22h leency /data/ fix ,  
9008 105d 22h leency /data/ fix double ,,  
9007 105d 22h leency /data/ add SPEDump to ISO
move GenFiles to IMG
rename DOSBox russian manual into latin name
8950 114d 21h leency / move KFM1 to ISO  
8949 114d 22h leency / Eolite/KFM2: global refactoring, use proper multi-panes PATH variable  
8940 117d 09h turbocat /data/ SQLite3 added to distribution  
8926 119d 11h leency / kernel: tiny draw button optimization
img: rename FindNumbers into Numbers and ENTROPYVIEW into ENTROPYV (confirmed with author) to fit 8.3
8922 119d 20h leency /data/ revert asterist to files list for IMG  
8921 119d 20h leency /data/ add speech binnary and data file by Mario  
8918 119d 23h leency / autobuild acpi installer  
8908 120d 15h leency /data/ fix missed slash  
8907 120d 15h leency /data/ blocks: add to ISO  
8905 120d 19h leency /data/ add drivers/acpi/ to ISO  
8870 124d 19h leency /data/ Tupfile.lua: remove oberon-07/tools path  
8862 126d 11h dunkaist /data/ Autobuild: Don't copy SHELL to img if NO_TCC is set.  
8860 126d 13h leency / data/Tupfile.lua: update pathes for Oberon07  
8854 127d 07h leency / FKM2 (Eolite 5 beta): a new two panes mode  

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