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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
7633 887d 07h leency /data/ pixieskn.png path fix  
7632 887d 08h leency /data/ hotfix  
7631 887d 08h leency / convert files into 8.3  
7630 887d 08h leency / rename panels_cfg to barscfg and change path of /sys/media/pixie/pixie to just /sys/media/pixie  
7610 921d 05h IgorA / 'info3ds' can open *.stl files  
7606 922d 05h leency / Add Spiral to IMG
Add Guide to APP+
Add a poweroff/reboot issue question to Guide
Update year in CMM apps
7592 925d 03h leency / add CodeView to ISO  
7591 925d 04h leency /data/ Add eglgears video driver testing demo to ISO  
7569 990d 23h leency / add Guide Documentation to RUS ISO  
7544 1047d 18h leency / table 0.99.3: fix several bugs
templates: upload to svn, add to ISO/res/templates
7543 1047d 22h leency / C--: add to ISO, upload linux version by pavelyakov  
7542 1047d 22h leency /data/ fix filename  
7541 1047d 22h leency / pig game: cd workaround  
7540 1047d 23h leency /data/ add TinyC (tcc) to ISO  
7531 1051d 05h leency /data/ revert normal game names  
7530 1051d 05h leency /data/ fix  
7529 1051d 05h leency /data/ workaround tup issue  
7528 1051d 05h leency /data/ try again (tup issue?)  
7527 1051d 05h leency /data/ ISO: move games outside folders in case when the folder had only one file the of game itself  
7525 1051d 16h leency / life3: update UI, add to ISO  

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