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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
7531 1003d 09h leency /data/ revert normal game names  
7530 1003d 09h leency /data/ fix  
7529 1003d 09h leency /data/ workaround tup issue  
7528 1003d 09h leency /data/ try again (tup issue?)  
7527 1003d 09h leency /data/ ISO: move games outside folders in case when the folder had only one file the of game itself  
7525 1003d 21h leency / life3: update UI, add to ISO  
7519 1006d 09h leency / app+: move its ini to IMG, ability to run it without /kolibrios/ mounted, translate ui  
7492 1018d 04h 0CodErr /data/ move InputBox line to correct place  
7484 1019d 12h leency / mp3info: autobuild, add to IMG  
7472 1022d 09h leency / rename FONT_VIEWER to KF_VIEW
add more apps to APP+
7458 1025d 00h leency / mos3de: add to ISO
arcanii: UI update, fix F1/F2 labels
7456 1025d 13h 0CodErr /data/ move inputbox to "lib" folder  
7455 1025d 13h 0CodErr /data/ add InputBox to autobuild  
7445 1029d 00h leency / Add SuperStarTrack to ISO, add associations for CNC editor, update CPUid  
7444 1029d 02h leency / Notes 1.1:
- fixed bugs found by TheOnlyMirage
- if CPU frequency < 1000 then while drag show only window frame else whow window contents
- add to autobuild
- fix app crash at unknown Intel CPU name by Sh@dy
- non-cropped "intel.gif" logo
- delete redundant knopka* files
- new Notes icon
- better icons: CPUid, Gmon
- reduce file size
IconEdit 0.58:
- update preview
- rotate squire images
- Ctrl+KeyArrow moves image on the canvas
- screen copy key events
- triangle gradient marker
- improve window appearance for dark skins
7433 1034d 03h leency / Rtfread:
- remove outdated unused code
- use built-in font instead of a file in /fonts/ folder
7432 1034d 22h leency / Kiv: use app.ini
Icons32: fixes and optimisation, several updated icons (also thanks Lev)
7429 1035d 21h leency / eolite.ini, pixie.ini: delete, use app.ini instead
snake.ini: remove from IMG
pixie2 skin.png: better compressing
7428 1036d 01h leency / Eolite: fix for PunkJoker
WebView and TxtRead: combine toolbars into one file to save 2 sectors in IMG
7426 1036d 07h leency /data/ fix name case  

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