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6906 1446d 16h IgorA / new macros 'include_image_file',
't_edit' include image files in program
6840 1572d 12h dunkaist /data/ Remove prebuilt megamaze, use autobuilt binary  
6784 1619d 07h leency / forget fs.obj  
6776 1623d 04h leency /data/ add dicty to autobuild, make C-- apps build for ISO into right way  
6759 1628d 11h leency / CMM: fix in io.h, rename TEXTREADER into TXTREAD,
icons32.png: change colors for DIFF app
make RunOS window wider
6754 1629d 16h leency / rename mouse_cfg to mousecfg to fit into 8.3, better compress mouse_image  
6752 1630d 03h leency /data/ build data: move megamaze to common folder,
icons32.png: add icons diff, textreader, clipboard
6748 1630d 14h leency /data/ add diff to autobuild, fix fplay path, add ac97snd to menu  
6743 1630d 16h leency / replace Run by RunOD  
6737 1631d 14h leency / move tinygl.obj to /sys/lib, fix path  
6736 1632d 05h leency /data/ menu.dat: remove cubeline, replace /KolibriOS/ by /kolibrios/ as it is case sensitive now,
3D/Gears: replace C version by ASM version
6734 1632d 06h leency / move cubeline to ISO, add "fasm -m 32768" into libimg Tupfile  
6729 1634d 03h leency /data/ add GenFiles to autobuild  
6719 1638d 01h serge /data/ autobuild: copy ffmpeg-2.8 libraries  
6699 1643d 07h clevermouse / console.dll in PE format  
6655 1651d 08h leency /data/ fix prior rev  
6654 1651d 08h leency / drvinst: v1.0, add to ISO  
6613 1661d 03h leency / upload oberon07 by akron1, add to ISO  
6584 1677d 07h leency /data/ add forgotten slash  
6583 1677d 07h leency / Fix various mistakes: Eolite, app_plus.ini, /data/Tupfile.lua  

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