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1971 3641d 13h lev / added sources of HTMLv with named colors and italic text support  
1961 3651d 06h clevermouse /data/ remove precompiled cnv_png.obj  
1955 3652d 23h mario79 /data/ Correct Makefile's for previous revisions.  
1944 3666d 15h yogev_ezra /data/Vortex86MX-eng/ Create "AutoBuild" folder for Vortex86MX systems (eBox-3300MX / Gecko Edubook)  
1943 3666d 16h yogev_ezra /data/ 'autorun.dat': Revert to previous state (load 'com_mouse' and don't load 'board')  
1939 3669d 18h yogev_ezra /data/rus/ Fix Makefile  
1938 3669d 18h yogev_ezra /data/ Add syntax explanation for 'autorun.dat'.
Remove '3dsheart' DEMO from Russian build to free some space (it's almost the same as 'View3DS').
1936 3682d 11h yogev_ezra /data/eng/ Fix Makefile  
1934 3682d 11h yogev_ezra / games/soko: auto-build from sources  
1933 3682d 13h yogev_ezra / games/tanks: auto-build from sources  
1932 3682d 14h yogev_ezra /data/ games/klavisha: build from sources  
1924 3694d 21h dunkaist /data/ associations for xcf format (for /data/rus, sorry)  
1923 3694d 21h dunkaist /data/eng/File Managers/ associations for xcf format (file managers:kfar, kfm, eolite)  
1911 3730d 04h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: autobuild livecd  
1890 3760d 21h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: add mykey.ini  
1877 3768d 22h clevermouse / Makefile: build atikms with LTO  
1876 3768d 22h clevermouse /data/rus/ Makefile: build atikms with LTO  
1860 3776d 22h clevermouse / copy .shell file from shell folder, remove shell binaries  
1856 3778d 00h clevermouse /data/ remove e80 binaries  
1855 3778d 00h clevermouse /data/ Makefile: autobuild e80  

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