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6055 2023d 10h leency /data/common/settings/ game_center.ini: fix shortcuts  
6040 2027d 12h leency /data/common/File Managers/ eolite.ini: remove outdated setting DoubleClickDelay  
6033 2029d 00h leency / default.skn: update to Shkvorka 2.1, move arcanii game to cd version, desktop app: wider buttons  
6029 2031d 10h hidnplayr / Moved program 'ping' to directory called 'ping'  
6028 2031d 10h hidnplayr /data/eng/settings/ Fixed some broken links in menu.dat  
6025 2032d 11h hidnplayr /data/eng/settings/ Improved english translation of menu.dat  
6004 2041d 06h leency /data/ settings/lang.ini: make English default language, because a lot of programs still uses ASCII keys  
5993 2045d 03h leency /data/ autobuild: font_viewer build source  
5972 2049d 11h leency /data/ Fix prior commit  
5971 2049d 11h leency /data/ settings.ini: move to /common/ folder, update "mouse" section  
5961 2052d 11h leency /data/common/settings/ system_panel.ini: more spacious  
5953 2056d 02h pathoswithin /data/ Update readmes  
5937 2068d 13h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fix callback  
5934 2069d 13h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ new lib. string.obj  
5932 2069d 14h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fix edx reg.  
5929 2071d 14h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fix  
5928 2071d 16h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fixed bug pointer  
5927 2072d 00h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ library.obj: auto init function "lib_pointer_library", set pointer functions (load,get)  
5912 2084d 08h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fs.obj: fixed bug get size; add ecx edx for quantity files  
5910 2085d 02h eAndrew /data/common/settings/ assoc.ini: add zSea, FPlay and emulators  
5909 2085d 04h eAndrew /data/common/settings/ assoc.ini: restore some associations (hotfix for r5908)  
5908 2085d 04h eAndrew / @open: add app-chains  
5903 2087d 08h eAndrew / Open: hide nonexistent applications  
5902 2087d 10h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fs.obj: new callback functions(fs.callback_copy(char *path1,char *path2,dword ptr),fs.callback_move(char *path1,char *path2,dword ptr)fs.callback_remove(char *path,dword ptr))  
5901 2087d 10h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fs.obj: new function  
5899 2087d 16h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fs.obj: set attributes file  
5898 2087d 22h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ library.obj: fix bags  
5897 2087d 23h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ library.obj: Checking the downloaded library
fs.obj: optimization functions
5896 2088d 01h pavelyakov /data/common/lib/ fs.obj: fix bag move function  
5895 2088d 03h pavelyakov / fs.obj: add callback function for (copy,remove,move)  
5894 2088d 04h pavelyakov / Eolite: fix bags copy file
fs.obj: update functions
5890 2089d 07h pavelyakov / fs.obj: new functions and dynamic buffer  
5885 2089d 10h pavelyakov / Update fs.obj  
5884 2090d 02h pavelyakov / Add application kf viewer  
5883 2090d 04h pavelyakov / Eolite: uses library fs.obj  
5882 2090d 09h pavelyakov /data/ /sys/lib: add library  
5876 2092d 16h pavelyakov / system.ini: new param. font file
eolite: load system.ini param. font file
5873 2094d 07h pathoswithin /data/ Italian and belgian keymaps added to taskbar.
Common autorun.dat and keymap.key
5869 2096d 04h hidnplayr /data/ Re-apply 5860 (reversed by accident in 5864)  
5864 2099d 13h punk_joker /data/common/settings/ add eskin.ini