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5538 2808 d 15 h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: update network card icon, add midi and pdf icon by Mikhail Chubakov  
5529 2810 d 13 h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: added Laser Tank icon by Deis Serbak, network/audio card icon  
5505 2821 d 15 h punk_joker /data/rus/settings/ fix for menu.dat  
5502 2822 d 8 h punk_joker /data/ game_center: russian translation; fix path to games;  
5501 2823 d 4 h punk_joker /data/common/settings/ game_center: fix path to games  
5500 2823 d 4 h punk_joker /data/ moved Soko and Pig to kolibrios  
5495 2823 d 17 h hidnplayr /data/ Renamed zeroconf to @zeroconf, to mark it as a system service.
Updated autorun.dat accordingly and removed zeroconf from menu.
5489 2828 d 21 h leency /data/common/ Add ASC associations for View3DS  
5479 2830 d 12 h leency / Add panels_cfg to autobuild  
5474 2831 d 8 h ZblCoder / LaserTank: Fix bugs
Fix start position to 15 level
Fix draw window and fix resize
Fix mouse position
5472 2831 d 11 h leency / panels_cfg: upload docky and taskbar configuration utility  
5471 2831 d 15 h leency /data/ Autobuild: Fix typo, thanks yogev_ezra for report  
5470 2831 d 15 h yogev_ezra /data/common/games/LaserTank/ Add LevelEditor for LaserTank  
5469 2831 d 16 h leency /data/common/ update file associations for Pixie  
5468 2831 d 16 h leency / Pixie: upload the rest files, update and fix menu.dat, rename pixie skins to fit into 11 symbols  
5467 2831 d 16 h leency /data/ Add PIXIE to autobuild, move invaders to CD version  
5466 2831 d 17 h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: add KIV icon, assoc.ini and docky.ini update  
5459 2832 d 17 h punk_joker / Eolite: the notification of the completion of the copy (optionaly)  
5456 2833 d 12 h leency /data/common/ icons32.png new flood-it icon from Deis Serbak, game_center.ini add forgotten red square game, system_panel.ini add palitra for configuration background  
5455 2833 d 13 h leency /data/ Finally: rename panel.ini to taskbar.ini  

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