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3219 3019d 02h leency /data/rus/ fix for unix names  
3218 3019d 02h leency /data/rus/ fix  
3217 3019d 02h leency /data/rus/ ImgF updated and added to autobuild  
3213 3021d 00h leency /data/ add ImgF to /data folder  
3210 3021d 21h leency /data/rus/ fix #4  
3209 3021d 21h leency /data/rus/ fix #3  
3208 3021d 21h leency /data/rus/ add example.asm #2  
3207 3021d 21h leency /data/rus/ add example.asm to distro, now everyone can start code into our OS!  
3189 3031d 17h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Fixed path to tmpdisk in net branch makefile.  
3188 3031d 17h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Added tmpdisk driver to net branch, removed old panel and restored latest version.  
3183 3035d 16h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Added TFTPC to new-stack autobuild.  
3173 3037d 17h hidnplayr /data/ Renamed VT8235.OBJ to VT823X.OBJ for autobuild.
(Source file is named vt823x.asm and it works for vt8235, vt8233,.. devices..)
3172 3037d 18h hidnplayr /data/eng/ Trying to fix makefile.  
3171 3037d 18h hidnplayr / Added new sound.obj wich automatically loads correct sound driver.
See forum for more details (
3167 3038d 17h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Added Rhine to autobuild of net branch  
3142 3056d 00h clevermouse /data/it/docs/ restore it/docs/COPYING.TXT  
3141 3056d 00h clevermouse /data/it/ synchronize italian data with latest english  
3140 3056d 01h fedesco /data/it/docs/ italian version  
3139 3056d 01h fedesco /data/it/ italian version  
3136 3061d 16h leency /data/ fix  

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