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3127 3198d 19h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Added custom build @panel to net branch so it does not destroy keymap on this older kernel.  
3111 3202d 02h leency /data/ create tmpdisk at system startup! (size = 10% from free RAM)  
3108 3202d 15h leency /data/ add tmpdisk to autobuild  
3104 3203d 20h leency /data/ buf2d added to nighbuild  
3103 3204d 08h Albom / File associations for kfar and kfm in data and programs folders merged.  
3102 3204d 19h Akyltist /data/eng/ bug fix (add) default.skn:DEFAULT.SKN \  
3101 3204d 19h Akyltist /data/rus/ bug fix (add) default.skn:DEFAULT.SKN \  
3100 3204d 21h leency /data/ Palitra background  
3095 3205d 20h Albom /data/ Try to fix r3094 (moving e80 to cd-rom).  
3094 3205d 20h Albom /data/ Move ZX Spectrum emulator 'e80' from ramdisk to cd-rom. First and hope the last try.  
3093 3206d 19h hidnplayr /data/new-stack/ Fixed menu for net branch  
3092 3207d 14h leency /data/ 3d/3dcube2, 3d/flatwav, 3d/barge.lif, demos/fire deleted from distro. Menu fixed  
3087 3210d 12h leency /data/ palitra added to autobuid, pic4 deleted  
3086 3210d 12h leency /data/ intelintel_hda.obj makefile compilation from src for eng and vortex  
3084 3210d 12h leency /data/rus/ intel_hda.obj makefile compilation from src  
3080 3212d 00h leency /data/ new default skin  
3074 3212d 01h leency /data/ new @rb and @notify from KolibriN  
3073 3212d 01h leency /data/ fixed wrong path  
3071 3212d 01h leency /data/ HTMLv moved for new-stack and Vortex86MX-eng  
3070 3212d 01h leency /data/ HTMLv moved in Makefile  

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