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9341 2d 04h leency / #WebView: [fix] do not pop the default text color
#uARM: host image at [as xvilka's server doesn't work]
#Eolite: finally fix one of the oldest issues with KeyUp at the top of the list, which could move selection on the random file
#KolibriNext installer: activate window after installation
9308 5d 05h turbocat /data/ Added to the distribution kit autobuilded iconv.obj;
Disabled unused mtar.obj;
9304 5d 16h leency / IMG:
- replace netcode.obj by base64.obj
- add lib/libcrash.obj
- use custom utf8rutodos() if iconv() failed (the case for
9303 7d 08h leency /data/ INSTALL.TXT: slightly update information  
9300 8d 04h leency /data/ ISO name: fix regression in rev. #8060  
9297 8d 08h leency /data/common/HD_load/rawwrite/ upload Rawrite32Kos.exe  
9283 13d 07h turbocat /data/ fixed typo  
9282 13d 07h turbocat /data/ man2html(by navichok26) added to ISO.  
9281 13d 08h turbocat /data/common/utils/ Updated man2html(by navichok26) binary  
9278 13d 17h navichok26 / add man2html program  
9274 14d 02h leency / Rename drivers:
- intelac97 > ac97
- intel_hda > hdaudio
To fit into 8.3
9246 26d 04h leency / System Panel:
- add Network Speed test (thanks Coldy for the idea)
- add AMDtemp, also add app icon into icons32.png
9245 26d 05h turbocat /data/ Autobuild OpenTyrian has been added to ISO.  
9240 26d 09h Doczom /data/common/drivers/ updated list drivers for DRVINST  
9239 26d 09h leency /data/ add Tyrian to Game Sentre, also add icon  
9238 26d 10h leency /data/ tyrian: upload to SVN, add to ISO  
9236 27d 04h turbocat /data/ Replaced the old TinyBasic with the new ported one.  
9215 46d 02h dunkaist /data/ Autobuild: fix autobuild without GCC.

mtar.obj is compiled with GCC. Move it to the corresponding section of a
Tupfile to not break asm-only builds.
9206 64d 09h turbocat /data/ Added SDL headers to ISO for TCC  
9197 69d 09h akron1 / cedit: search selected text
FB2 Reader: minor fix

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