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6517 1702d 01h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libgcc/ libgcc-5.4.0 conversion routines  
6515 1702d 15h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/ libgcc-5.4.0 initial commit  
6400 1850d 16h punk_joker /contrib/toolchain/avra/ upload avra  
6324 1883d 06h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ binutils-2.26  
5812 2070d 18h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ binutils: update  
5223 2344d 23h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ld/ binutils LD: build script for Kolibri.  
5222 2345d 01h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/gas/ binutils: build AS.  
5221 2345d 01h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ binutils: build libopcodes.  
5219 2345d 03h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ binutils: build AR.  
5217 2345d 15h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ binutils: build objcopy.  
5212 2349d 06h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ld/ LD: increase stack size  
5211 2349d 06h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ld/ binutils: remove debug messages  
5199 2352d 03h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ binutils: build LD.  
5197 2352d 09h serge /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ binutils: build libbfd  
5191 2353d 03h serge /contrib/toolchain/ build libiberty