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8362 405d 17h punk_joker /contrib/toolchain/avra/src/ avra: optimize makefile  
8361 406d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/toolchain/binutils/ld/ Fix LD building  
8360 406d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/toolchain/binutils/gas/ Fix GAS building  
8359 406d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/toolchain/binutils/binutils/ Fix binutils building  
8358 406d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/toolchain/binutils/opcodes/ Fix libopcodes building  
8357 406d 05h maxcodehack /contrib/toolchain/binutils/bfd/ Fix libbfd building with makefile  
8352 407d 06h maxcodehack /contrib/toolchain/binutils/libiberty/ Fix libiberty Makefile  
8351 407d 06h maxcodehack /contrib/toolchain/binutils/bfd/ Fix bfd Makefile  
8349 407d 15h punk_joker /contrib/toolchain/avra/src/ fix autobuild  
8348 407d 15h punk_joker /contrib/toolchain/avra/src/ avra: add to autobuild  
8347 407d 15h punk_joker /contrib/toolchain/avra/src/ avra: fix build with makefile  
6902 1705d 04h ashmew2 /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libgcc/config/i386/ Tell the user via BOARD if load_libc() failed  
6630 1910d 04h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libstdc++-v3/ libstdc++: unicode support  
6556 1939d 03h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libstdc++-v3/ libsupc++ Makefile  
6555 1939d 05h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libstdc++-v3/src/ libstdc++ Makefile  
6554 1939d 14h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libstdc++-v3/ gcc-5.4.0-libstdc++  
6553 1940d 14h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libgcc/ libgcc-5.4.0 update makefile  
6533 1941d 22h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libgcc/ libgcc-5.4.0 minor update  
6527 1947d 03h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/libgcc/ libgcc-5.4.0 application startup code  
6521 1958d 07h serge /contrib/toolchain/gcc/5x/ libgcc-5.4.0 stack unwind  

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