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6744 1831d 02h siemargl /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/ fix fopen handle leak, static build  
6714 1838d 17h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: now supported CP437, CP720, CP737, CP775, CP850, CP852, CP855, CP857, CP858, CP862, CP866,
CP874, CP1125, CP1250, CP1251, CP1252, CP1253, CP1254, CP1255, CP1256, CP1257, CP1258,
CP20866, CP21866, CP101 (GEORGIAN-PS), CP102 (PT154 Kazakhstan)
6628 1857d 04h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: add wcsftime()  
6627 1857d 11h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: limited unicode support  
6607 1866d 12h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: wide char support  
6557 1883d 19h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib-2.4.0: wide character strings  
6540 1887d 16h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib-2.4.0: next attempt IV  
6536 1887d 17h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/ newlib-2.4.0  
6312 2089d 15h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/ newlib: importing data from DLL  
6109 2130d 05h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: add clock_gettime()  
6099 2133d 11h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: update  
6068 2141d 11h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/ newlib: 1)native console support for printf.c() and puts.c()
2)static libc and linking against static libraries
5963 2175d 20h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: C++ exeptions support  
5220 2549d 05h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: perror() && mbstowcs()  
5215 2549d 19h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: update  
5198 2556d 08h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: add rewind.c  
5141 2622d 03h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib: update  
5022 2670d 02h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update Makefiles && libsound  
4930 2747d 17h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update makefiles  
4921 2758d 15h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ newlib-2.1.0  

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