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5138 2583d 13h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update Makefile  
5137 2583d 13h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/libstdc++-v3/ sdk: build libstdc++  
5136 2583d 20h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: fix sound.h  
5135 2583d 20h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: delete old libsupc++ source  
5134 2583d 20h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/libstdc++-v3/ sdk: build libsupc++ from libstdc++ source  
5132 2585d 20h clevermouse / * newlib: mark some syscalls as using memory
* autobuild newlib
* add newlib example based on menuetlibc example
5131 2586d 19h clevermouse / autobuild sdlquake  
5081 2603d 10h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ mesa: build gbm_gallium_drm.dll  
5080 2603d 11h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/ mesa: build libgallium.a  
5069 2606d 15h serge /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/ sdk: build gears for egl and osmesa  
5068 2606d 15h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update libdrm  
5063 2606d 19h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/src/ sdk: build osmesa.dll  
5061 2609d 16h serge /contrib/ sdk: aliases  
5059 2610d 10h serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Intel-2D/ sna: fixed invalid structure type.  
5025 2626d 12h Serge /contrib/sdk/samples/freetype/txview/ freetype sample: resize window and font  
5024 2626d 20h Serge /contrib/sdk/ sdk: 1)update
2)freetype sample
5022 2628d 19h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update Makefiles && libsound  
4940 2703d 12h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/ sdk: LD script files  
4938 2703d 13h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/Mesa/src/mapi/ Mesa API definition file.  
4930 2706d 10h Serge /contrib/sdk/sources/ sdk: update makefiles  

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