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8769 228d 07h turbocat /contrib/other/jumpnbump/ Jumpnbump:
- Now uses zlib dynamically
8723 242d 10h dunkaist / Autobuild: use (only?) double dots operator to interpolate strings  
8663 292d 07h turbocat /contrib/other/sdlquake-1.0.9/ sdlquake:
- Better fix for finding resource folders.
8644 305d 06h turbocat /contrib/other/sdlquake-1.0.9/ SDLQUAKE:
- Added Makefile.kos
- Fixed resource file search.
8548 359d 19h maxcodehack /contrib/other/sdldoom-1.10/ Remove unused file  
8547 359d 19h maxcodehack /contrib/other/sdldoom-1.10/ Fix prior  
8546 359d 19h maxcodehack / Remove open_watcom doom
Upload gcc sdldoom
8527 376d 17h maxcodehack /contrib/ Add zlib and jumpnbump to autobuild  
8526 377d 15h maxcodehack /contrib/other/jumpnbump/ Upload Jump'n'Bump sources  
8523 379d 11h maxcodehack /contrib/other/8086tiny/ 8086tiny: newlib  
8520 379d 15h maxcodehack / sdlquake: newlib  
8518 379d 18h maxcodehack / Move C header for console loading to newlib/libc/include  
8517 379d 19h maxcodehack /contrib/other/kpm/ kpm: fix build  
8513 380d 10h maxcodehack /contrib/other/lua-5.2.0/ Fix Lua autobuild (now it isn't crash)  
8487 388d 12h maxcodehack /contrib/other/udcli/ Add udcli disassembler to autobuild  
8371 404d 11h maxcodehack /contrib/other/lua-5.2.0/ Fix LUA  
8370 404d 11h maxcodehack /contrib/other/lua-5.2.0/ Fix LUA  
8369 404d 11h maxcodehack /contrib/other/lua-5.2.0/ Fix LUA  
8368 404d 11h maxcodehack /contrib/other/lua-5.2.0/ Fix LUA  
8333 409d 11h maxcodehack /contrib/other/uarm/ Add autobuild to uARM  

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