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5535 2317d 18h hidnplayr /contrib/network/netsurf/netsurf/content/fetchers/ Update netsurf for newer http.obj  
5043 2531d 11h ashmew2 /contrib/network/netsurf/netsurf/ Added netsurf files  
4823 2660d 08h ashmew2 /contrib/network/netsurf/ libnsfb builds. Enables keyboard/mouse in Netsurf  
4821 2660d 17h ashmew2 /contrib/network/netsurf/ Libraries build with MENUETLIBC. Netsurf can open  
4724 2671d 13h ashmew2 /contrib/network/netsurf/netsurf/objs/ Added dll.o to contrib/network/netsurf/netsurf/objs/make.all  
4364 2777d 16h yogev_ezra / Move NetSurf to /contrib folder  
4224 2809d 08h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/ Updated Kolibri front-end, fixed deplibs, updated objects, updated fetchers, fix in libdom port binding for hubbub. Still need to add multi-threading for downloads, as well as cookies, POST requests and other fetcher stuff. And may be tweak input a bit.  
3864 2907d 16h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/build-libs/ Some pre-built libraries for netsurf, try these at first  
3863 2907d 16h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/netsurf/objs/ Object files, you'll need them to build netsurf  
3862 2907d 16h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/dependencies/lib/ Adding libraries, you'll need them to compile netsurf  
3624 2968d 07h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/netsurf/ Netsurf: switch to KolibriUI & fixes in curl  
3622 2968d 07h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/libnsfb/src/surface/ No more window redraw at update  
3621 2968d 07h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/ Kolibri Native UI for NSFB - much faster and stable! But without keyboard yet  
3620 2968d 10h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/netsurf/content/fetchers/ Downloader hack implemented, now Netsurf can browse web - somehow....  
3616 2968d 13h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/netsurf/content/fetchers/ Updated cURL emulation  
3585 2974d 11h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/dependencies/ Netsurf - adding libs, required for building  
3584 2974d 12h sourcerer /programs/network/netsurf/ Netsurf initial port (still needs native ui and cURL)