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8461 272d 20h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/apps/ uPDF:
- fix 'color rotate' bug (
- fix bigger page artefact under smaller page
8452 274d 05h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/apps/ uPDF: remove console tools, some fixes for kolibri.c  
8447 274d 20h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/apps/ Remove uploaded by mistake files  
8446 274d 20h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF:
- GUI menuet/os.h -> kos32sys.h full
- Check for minimal window size
8438 275d 23h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF:
- Can open files with space in name
- Move getrusage stub to libopenjpeg
8437 276d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/media/ Remove updf_newlib  
8436 276d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF: menuetlibc -> newlibc  
8435 276d 04h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/ Remove unused 'include' folder  
8429 276d 18h punk_joker /contrib/media/updf/ updf: restore menuetlibc version  
8416 277d 05h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/ uPDF: clean warnings, move opj_config.h to libopenjpeg folder  
8415 277d 05h maxcodehack /contrib/media/ Remove menuetlibc version of uPDF  
8414 277d 06h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/apps/ Fix OpenDialog in uPDF (replace'updf' with argv[0])  
8412 278d 06h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/apps/ Fix blitter  
8411 278d 06h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/ Fix hardcoded path, blitter stub  
8402 279d 02h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/ Upload uPDF port to newlib  
8401 279d 02h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/ Upload uPDF port to newlib  
8239 300d 03h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/include/stub/ Fix .asm name UPDF  
8238 300d 05h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/ Fix mupdf build  
8039 461d 23h hidnplayr /contrib/media/stb_vorbis/ STB_Vorbis - OGG Vorbis decoder  
8035 466d 17h hidnplayr /contrib/media/dr_flac/ dr_flac library  

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