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6438 2186d 04h serge /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay: update  
6430 2199d 08h ashmew2 /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ Add makefile for boardmsg  
6422 2204d 00h ashmew2 /contrib/C_Layer/http_lib/ Add http library wrapper to C Layer  
6417 2210d 04h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/libjpeg/ Port libjpeg to KolibriOS and newlib  
6416 2210d 08h ashmew2 /contrib/C_Layer/http_lib/ Add wrapper for http.obj library  
6415 2211d 19h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ small change, add build shell script  
6400 2230d 21h punk_joker /contrib/toolchain/avra/ upload avra  
6399 2231d 08h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ kolibri_debug.h: fdebug_board_write_str rename to debug_board_printf  
6398 2231d 18h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ kolibri_editbox.h: add fdebug_board_write_str - printf() like function  
6397 2231d 19h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ revert comment  
6396 2231d 19h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ forget file  
6395 2231d 19h siemargl /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ callin'convention fix  
6393 2232d 22h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/libguic_kolibri/ fix kolibri_editbox.h, improves boardmsg  
6392 2232d 22h punk_joker /contrib/C_Layer/proc_lib/ added wrapper for proc_lib  
6391 2233d 01h ashmew2 /contrib/C_Layer/ Add C Layer to SVN  
6386 2244d 16h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/ Revert SDL to menuetlibc  
6384 2247d 02h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/video/menuetos/ Fix keypress in SDL  
6381 2248d 12h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/ Change NASM format from coff to win32  
6380 2248d 12h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2/src/ Make SDL work with newlib as DLL  
6356 2256d 08h ashmew2 /contrib/sdk/sources/ Fix SDL Makefile to use dll linker script  

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