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9354 5d 08h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/ Newlibc: Added con_set_title wrapper  
9346 8d 16h Coldy /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/sys/ newlib: fixed incorrect work with relative path
(previously /sys/open.c buildpath added an extra slash
after the current working directory)
9288 18d 04h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2_newlib/ SDL: Rollback to stable revision 9172.  
9244 34d 05h turbocat /contrib/games/opentyrian/src/ OpenTyrian: Fixed VERSION and disabled exit, on unsupported scaling  
9214 64d 08h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/PDCurses/ Added PDCurses library(uses SDL)  
9213 64d 10h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolf3D: uSDL is no longer needed.  
9212 64d 10h turbocat /contrib/games/opentyrian/SDL/ OpenTyrian:
- uSDL_Delay is no longer needed.
9211 64d 10h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2_newlib/src/ SDL:
- Fixed SDL_Delay.
- Refactoring
9203 72d 10h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/sound/ libsound: Added build for TCC  
9202 72d 10h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2_newlib/src/ SDL: Adapted for building with TCC. Refactoring  
9172 97d 04h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2_newlib/ SDL for NewLibc:
- Updated Hermes library (from SDL 1.2.15) to fix SDL_Flip crash when using bpp = 32.
- Updated example
9171 98d 07h turbocat /contrib/games/opentyrian/ OpenTyrian: Added to autobuild  
9170 98d 07h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2_newlib/src/video/menuetos/ SDL for NewLibc: Added fake conversion to utf8 for compatibility.  
9169 98d 09h turbocat /contrib/games/opentyrian/ OpenTyrian: Sources uploaded  
9133 118d 05h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolf3d:
- Does not terminate if there is no sound.
- Added --nosound parameter.
- Fixed uSDL_Delay again.
9124 123d 09h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolf3D:
- Added automatic adjustment to the screen
9123 124d 02h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/SDL/ Wolf3D:
- Fixed in-game time.
- Fixed incorrect implementation of SDL_Delay.
- Achieved maximum smoothness.
9097 131d 07h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolf3D:
- Fixed speed.
- Fixed lags.
- Returned --res parameter
9041 152d 06h turbocat /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay:
Deleted Tupfile.lua
9040 152d 07h turbocat /contrib/media/fplay/ Fplay:
Added to autobuild.

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