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8696 14d 07h turbocat /contrib/ Delete old kolibri-libc  
8695 14d 07h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Freed from the old ksys.h file
8669 35d 04h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Removed attribute "O0" in _ksys_process_info that caused strange behavior in kos32-gcc v4.8.2
- Window centering in wolf3d should be fixed
8665 38d 15h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed _ksys_process_info
8664 39d 00h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Now it searches for resources only in the directory where the binary itself is located.
8663 39d 04h turbocat /contrib/other/sdlquake-1.0.9/ sdlquake:
- Better fix for finding resource folders.
8660 40d 04h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed _ksys_get_screen_size not optimize
8659 40d 04h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed _ksys_mkdir not optimize
8655 41d 06h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Fixed hang when saving game: now save and settings are saved by default in "/tmp0/1/wolf4sdl"
- Now the --configdir parameter works
8654 41d 06h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Added _ksys_screen_size and _ksys_mkdir
- Fixed extern "C" closing parenthesis
8653 47d 01h turbocat / Wolfenstein 3D:
- The catalog of autobuild of the binary has been changed.
8651 47d 02h turbocat / Wolf3d:
- Fixed autobuild
8649 47d 03h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Added to autobuild
- Added game resources
8648 47d 06h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/ SDL and SDL_newlib:
- Fixed mouse button handling events.
- Fixed Makefile
- Delete file
8647 47d 06h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Fixed crash when finishing a game in Linux.
- Fixed makefile libSDLn dir.
8646 49d 11h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Added bin folder
- Fixed no-closing sound thread.
8645 49d 18h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Added sound!
- Added Linux makefile
- Added _KOLIBRI definition
- Removed not working parameters from --help in KolibriOS
8644 52d 03h turbocat /contrib/other/sdlquake-1.0.9/ SDLQUAKE:
- Added Makefile.kos
- Fixed resource file search.
8643 55d 07h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/ kolibri-libc:
- Removed SHELL APIs as they are not standard libc functions.
- Will be transferred to a separate library.
8642 63d 14h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed build libc.obj

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