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9411 361 d 16 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Inform about unexisting compilers and qemu  
9391 365 d 20 h Boppan /_tools/workspace/ [WS] Use faster uncompressed kernel by default  
9390 365 d 20 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Use lib/ to download kolibri.img  
9389 365 d 20 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS][] Add --fast key to use non-compressed kernel  
9388 365 d 20 h Boppan /_tools/workspace/ [WS] Remove done TODO  
9384 365 d 21 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Merge download_if_not_exist and download functions  
9383 365 d 21 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Cache kolibri.img in _tools/cache  
9382 365 d 22 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Move download_if_exist to lib  
9381 365 d 22 h Boppan /_tools/workspace/ [WS][] Use os.path.dirname instead of hand-written function  
9377 366 d 11 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Use tup to build projects  
9376 366 d 12 h Boppan /_tools/workspace/ [WS] Do not emit autorun.dat contents  
9374 366 d 12 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Create new calling scripts instead of copying  
9373 366 d 12 h Boppan /_tools/workspace/ [WS] Autorun compiled program  
9370 366 d 15 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Move simple functions into lib  
9368 366 d 16 h Boppan /_tools/workspace/ [WS] Make it work in Linux  
9367 366 d 16 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Convert CRLF to LF  
9357 367 d 12 h Boppan /_tools/ [WS] Implement basic workspace system

* sets up a new workspace in a project folder
* builds the project using info from Tupfile.lua
* moves compiled program into kolibri.img and boots qemu on it

Only supports very simple programs for now (tested on few demos).
Only tested on Windows for now.