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8849 176d 18h IgorA /programs/bcc32/games/blocks/ + open files from CommandLine  
8848 176d 20h leency /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: update by akron1  
8847 177d 03h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/include/ Eolite: bugfixes  
8846 177d 06h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Implement very basic macro and struct documentation generation  
8845 177d 06h Boppan /kernel/trunk/docs/doxygen/ [kernel][doxygen] Parse doxygen folder recursively  
8844 177d 06h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Add basic support for labels  
8843 177d 06h Boppan /kernel/trunk/docs/doxygen/ [kernel][doxygen] Make doxygen page more beautiful  
8842 177d 06h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Add basic function support  
8841 177d 07h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Implement variable doxygen generation  
8840 177d 07h rgimad /kernel/trunk/core/ Delete unused function check_region (it was commented out years ago) and stub calls of this function.  
8839 177d 14h leency / dl: automatically extract downloaded zip and 7z files
various fixes
/data/common/File Managers/icons.ini
8838 177d 19h Boppan /kernel/trunk/docs/doxygen/ [kernel][doxygen] Finally make SVN ignore all doxygen contents  
8837 177d 19h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Configure behaviour using script arguments  
8836 177d 20h Boppan /kernel/trunk/docs/doxygen/ [kernel][doxygen] Ignore asm files and generated html and latex files in the doxygen directory  
8835 177d 20h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel][] Disable clean_generated_stuff flag by default  
8834 177d 20h Boppan /kernel/trunk/ [kernel] Make asmxygen generate doxygen C-like files in docs/doxygen and implement very basic variable doxygen generation  
8833 178d 04h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/include/ eolite: fix buttons of create file/folder  
8832 178d 06h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ fix shell tupfile #5  
8831 178d 06h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ fix shell tupfile #4  
8830 178d 06h rgimad /programs/system/shell/ fix shell tupfile #3
sorry for many revisions..

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