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8675 181d 13h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ fixed vulnerability (reading kernel memory from userspace) in sysfn25  
8674 186d 02h Coldy /data/ For DLL autoload  
8673 186d 23h Coldy /programs/develop/libraries/dll/ For DLL autoload  
8672 186d 23h Coldy /programs/develop/libraries/dll/ For DLL autoload  
8671 187d 00h Coldy /kernel/trunk/ For DLL autoload  
8670 187d 13h Alex2003 /kernel/branches/kolibri-e/ roadmap for kolibri e 0.1  
8669 197d 12h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Removed attribute "O0" in _ksys_process_info that caused strange behavior in kos32-gcc v4.8.2
- Window centering in wolf3d should be fixed
8668 197d 14h leency /data/common/settings/ games.ini: add wolf3d to Game centre  
8667 197d 21h dunkaist /programs/demos/ Remove empty dirs.  
8666 200d 08h dunkaist / Upload View3ds 0.72 by macgub.  
8665 200d 23h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed _ksys_process_info
8664 201d 09h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolfenstein 3D:
- Now it searches for resources only in the directory where the binary itself is located.
8663 201d 12h turbocat /contrib/other/sdlquake-1.0.9/ sdlquake:
- Better fix for finding resource folders.
8662 202d 11h turbocat /programs/system/shell/ SHELL:
- Added pkill command
8661 202d 12h leency /data/common/ icons32.png: add wolf3d icon  
8660 202d 12h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed _ksys_get_screen_size not optimize
8659 202d 12h turbocat /contrib/kolibri-libc/source/include/ kolibri-libc:
- Fixed _ksys_mkdir not optimize
8658 203d 11h dunkaist /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ Remove more leftover files (trigger autobuild).  
8657 203d 12h dunkaist /programs/develop/asciivju/trunk/ Remove leftover files (trigger autobuild).  
8656 203d 13h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/bootloader/uefi4kos/ uefi4kos: Make sure 32bit trampoline is below 4GiB

This fixes booting via uefi64kos on some systems.

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