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8503 209d 21h maxcodehack /data/ Fix autobuild (move checkers to ISO)  
8502 210d 13h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/lib/ Add C++ libraries  
8501 210d 13h maxcodehack /programs/games/checkers/trunk/ Checkers: newlib  
8500 210d 18h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.31: speed up text rendering (less strcpy, use pointers), fix click on a non-existing link in the toolbar, use // instwead of http:// in buildin pages  
8499 213d 05h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.30: just fixes  
8498 213d 17h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/samples/Mesa/demos/ Fix osgears OpenGL demo  
8497 214d 01h dunkaist /programs/ kiv and libimg.asm: Follow asm style guide, no semantic changes.  
8496 214d 04h dunkaist /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ kiv: fix a bug (crash) after image rotation, fix memory leak.  
8495 214d 16h maxcodehack / Add SDL newlib to autbuild  
8494 214d 17h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2_newlib/src/ SDL newlib: clean  
8493 214d 17h rgimad /kernel/trunk/ is_region_userspace: removed extra condition which caused incorrect behavior of boxlib menu in hexedit and rtfread (cuz it uses address 0 i didnt know:D )  
8492 214d 20h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.29: reworked encodings detection  
8491 215d 09h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.28: fixes in tags q, hr; refactoring  
8490 215d 12h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView 3.27: do not draw scroll for a short page, better handle wrong code  
8489 215d 22h maxcodehack /programs/system/menu/trunk/ @menu: bigger font  
8488 216d 08h leency /programs/games/almaz/ Revert 8485, make proper window fix, add translation  
8487 216d 14h maxcodehack /contrib/other/udcli/ Add udcli disassembler to autobuild  
8486 216d 15h maxcodehack /programs/develop/kosjs/ Fix libmujs autobuild  
8485 216d 19h maxcodehack /programs/games/almaz/ ALMAZ: window with skin  
8484 217d 08h leency / system menu: smaller config files  

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