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8446 306d 15h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF:
- GUI menuet/os.h -> kos32sys.h full
- Check for minimal window size
8445 306d 17h leency / WebView 3.15: no more static buffers for parsing tag, some fixes, update page not found  
8444 306d 19h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.14: fix critical regression with file download  
8443 306d 21h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.12: bugfix for colors (always set alpha to 0xff)  
8442 306d 22h IgorA /programs/ tinygl.obj: add some functions, delete old file load_lib
8441 307d 00h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/sources/newlib/libc/include/ kos32sys.h: Add proc_info struct for SysFn 9 and system_color struct for get system colors  
8440 307d 07h leency /programs/cmm/browser/ WebView 3.11: refactoring tag parse  
8439 307d 09h leency /programs/cmm/ WebView: refactoring  
8438 307d 19h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF:
- Can open files with space in name
- Move getrusage stub to libopenjpeg
8437 307d 23h maxcodehack /contrib/media/ Remove updf_newlib  
8436 307d 23h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf/ uPDF: menuetlibc -> newlibc  
8435 308d 00h maxcodehack /contrib/media/updf_newlib/ Remove unused 'include' folder  
8434 308d 11h superturbocat2001 /data/ - Added tinygl, cryptal, net headers tcc to ISO  
8433 308d 11h superturbocat2001 /data/common/settings/ Fix assoc.ini  
8432 308d 11h superturbocat2001 /data/ - Fixed appearance of extra files in tcc
- Added thashview in tup
8431 308d 12h superturbocat2001 /data/common/ - Added thashview to iso
- Added associations
8430 308d 12h superturbocat2001 /programs/other/TinyHashView/ TinyHashView 2.5:
- Added launch of OpenDialog if the program is launched without parameters.
- Macros are used for convenient work with the clipboard
8429 308d 14h punk_joker /contrib/media/updf/ updf: restore menuetlibc version  
8428 308d 14h superturbocat2001 /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/ - Added libdialog binary
- Fixed
8427 308d 14h leency /programs/system/taskbar/trunk/ TASKBAR: change lang by a single Ctrl+Shift (thanks Mihail Serebryakov for the bugreport)  

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