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8194 378d 18h maxcodehack / Fix drawing artefacts in boxlib example  
8193 378d 19h maxcodehack /programs/develop/backy/gcc_version/ Add files  
8192 378d 19h maxcodehack / Add gcc version of 'Backy'  
8191 378d 22h pavelyakov /programs/cmm/examples/leotag/ addition new example  
8190 378d 23h IgorA /programs/bcc32/examples/file_open/ add file_open example  
8189 379d 18h maxcodehack /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/samples/ move image  
8188 379d 18h maxcodehack /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/samples/ Add libimg example to  
8187 379d 18h maxcodehack /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/samples/clayer/ Tcc:
Add libimg example, update other examples
8186 379d 19h maxcodehack /contrib/C_Layer/EXAMPLE/boxlib/ Fix previous revesion  
8185 379d 19h maxcodehack / Add boxlib example without lib kolibri_gui. Only kos32sys.h (GCC)  
8184 380d 01h IgorA / update demo life2,
fix rev 8179
8183 380d 03h pavelyakov /programs/develop/golang/ delete file  
8182 380d 03h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/samples/cpp_hello/ C++ example:
Makefile: add 'strip'
console_obj.h: console.obj loading
hello.cpp: add console.obj functions
8181 380d 17h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/samples/cpp_hello/ Add files  
8180 380d 17h maxcodehack /contrib/sdk/samples/cpp_hello/ Add C++ example  
8179 380d 20h IgorA /programs/bcc32/include/ use function 68  
8178 381d 11h superturbocat2001 /programs/develop/golang/ - Renamed golang example file.
- Added DrawBar function
8177 381d 11h superturbocat2001 /programs/develop/golang/ - Added new system functions to golang.
- Renamed int40 file to syscalls.s.
- Updated example with new functionality.
8176 381d 14h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Fix r8139: delay_ms was 10x slower when using HPET.  
8175 381d 14h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ extended_primary_loader: Fix handling of 'resolution' option.  

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