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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
7624 1638 d 10 h leency /contrib/media/updf/ updf: clean  
7623 1639 d 2 h akron1 /programs/develop/oberon07/Docs/ cp866  
7622 1644 d 11 h leency /data/common/media/ update updf binnary  
7621 1644 d 11 h leency /contrib/media/updf/ updf: remove xps support as non-used  
7620 1651 d 5 h dunkaist /programs/other/graph_tablelib/ graph_tablelib: fix build  
7619 1651 d 13 h leency /programs/other/ move graph/graph_tablelib to graph_tablelib  
7618 1651 d 13 h leency /programs/other/graph/ upload graph which is using table libraries  
7617 1652 d 5 h leency / small fixes  
7616 1655 d 18 h IgorA /programs/develop/ add new functions in open dialog,
fix programs info3ds, info3ds_u
7615 1657 d 6 h IgorA /programs/develop/info3ds/ add exponent reading ..e+.., ..e-..  
7614 1660 d 4 h leency / sysmon: add process tab  
7613 1662 d 6 h leency / memory blocks: fix new game (thanks Antonio)
app_plus: fix typo
appearance: fix current skin save in eskin.ini
pixie player: restrict the length of folder name label (thanks Iuriy Olegov)
fm/icons.ini: add icons for *.stl
7612 1663 d 13 h leency /programs/cmm/ mousecfg: fix
appearance: add a flag to update dock on skin change
7611 1663 d 14 h leency /programs/cmm/ appearance: image set mode, eolite bug fix  
7610 1664 d 15 h IgorA / 'info3ds' can open *.stl files  
7609 1665 d 4 h leency / menu: fix fceu link
more fixes in skins
fix typo in hardware_support.htm
turn on speaker by default
7608 1665 d 4 h leency /skins/ A lot of fixes in skins  
7607 1665 d 15 h leency /kernel/trunk/ update kernel build.bat  
7606 1665 d 16 h leency / Add Spiral to IMG
Add Guide to APP+
Add a poweroff/reboot issue question to Guide
Update year in CMM apps
7605 1666 d 3 h leency / Eolite: disalow textbox data editing in Properties window
software_widget: improve usability at small screens
games.ini: fix Ataka path
7604 1666 d 5 h leency /programs/media/kiv/trunk/ kiv: fix two issues related to tiled bg  
7603 1667 d 2 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Check for Catalan language, fix 'ca' build.  
7602 1667 d 2 h dunkaist /programs/system/setup/trunk/ setup: cosmetic fix, use macro  
7601 1667 d 2 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ kernel: set syslang variable according to  
7600 1667 d 5 h dunkaist /programs/system/scrsaver/ Add scrsaver: new screen saver program.

Our default screen saver, ss, requires animations to run as its threads.
Therefore you can't set your favorite demo app as screen saver without
embedding it into ss. Vice versa, you can't run embedded animations as
standalone demos. Moreover, ss is a multi-thread app with configuration
window invoked by clicking both mouse buttons at the top right screen
corner (really?).

Scrsaver is a tiny single-thread program, configured via plain text
file, /sys/settings/system.ini. It has no window and runs a separate
executable as screen saver. This is done via primitive protocol:
* Config file specifies program to run;
* '@ss' parameter is passed to the program;
* program launches '/sys/@ss' at exit if '@ss' param is passed.

See /programs/demos/spiral for working example.
7599 1667 d 5 h dunkaist /programs/demos/spiral/ Add spiral: 2D demo and screen saver example.

Originally written in UASM by 0CodErr.
7598 1667 d 5 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Fix compilation with extended_primary_loader.  
7597 1667 d 18 h akron1 /programs/develop/oberon07/ Oberon07: upload new compiler  
7596 1668 d 5 h leency /skins/_old/ fix 3d light in skins Panther and Lightskin  
7595 1668 d 6 h leency /skins/ delete panther skin duplication  
7594 1668 d 7 h leency /programs/cmm/appearance/ Appearance 2.3: always use a real path  
7593 1668 d 8 h leency /programs/cmm/eolite/include/ Eolite: fix attribute set for selected files  
7592 1668 d 13 h leency / add CodeView to ISO  
7591 1668 d 14 h leency /data/ Add eglgears video driver testing demo to ISO  
7590 1668 d 14 h leency /programs/cmm/ Driver Install app: fix Russian language  
7589 1668 d 15 h leency /skins/ add HydrogenOS and ObsidianOS skins to autobuild  
7588 1669 d 4 h leency /programs/cmm/examples/ fix pigex  
7587 1684 d 4 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/docs/ Translate events_subsystem.txt into English.  
7586 1684 d 4 h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Do not hardcode preboot timeout, use PREBOOT_TIMEOUT macro.  
7585 1684 d 4 h dunkaist /drivers/ Apply patch from r7584 to all audio drivers.

Allow audio drivers to use IRQs 1,2,8,12, this is MenuetOS legacy.