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Rev Age Author Path Log message Diff
7531 1057d 07h leency /data/ revert normal game names  
7530 1057d 08h leency /data/ fix  
7529 1057d 08h leency /data/ workaround tup issue  
7528 1057d 08h leency /data/ try again (tup issue?)  
7527 1057d 08h leency /data/ ISO: move games outside folders in case when the folder had only one file the of game itself  
7526 1057d 19h leency /programs/games/life3/trunk/ wtf, do not include  
7525 1057d 19h leency / life3: update UI, add to ISO  
7524 1057d 22h IgorA /programs/games/life3/trunk/ cleaning code;
resizing the buffer to fit the window;
changing the scale from scrolling the mouse
7523 1058d 02h dunkaist /programs/develop/libraries/libs-dev/libimg/bmp/ Libimg: Fix bug with 16-bit BMP padding.  
7522 1059d 19h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ Fix kernel crash on high screen resolution.

Replace hardcoded numbers with macros, add runtime checks.
7521 1059d 21h leency /programs/cmm/ CMM new lib: events.h
IconEdit: use event model
netcheck: example of event model, can be used for network testing
7520 1060d 02h siemargl /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/ suballocator plus path fixes  
7519 1060d 08h leency / app+: move its ini to IMG, ability to run it without /kolibrios/ mounted, translate ui  
7518 1060d 10h leency /programs/ Table: select all by CTRL+A and click on the left top cell
Eolite: do not show size for cd
7517 1060d 21h leency /programs/other/table/ Table: check ext ignoring text case  
7516 1060d 22h leency / Table 0.99.1:
- autodetect separator
- open with param
- add accoc to fm
7515 1061d 02h leency /programs/cmm/ Eolite: show disk sizes
TmpDisk: get disk size by 70.5 instead of ini storage, impove board loging
7514 1061d 05h IgorA /programs/games/life3/trunk/ 'life3': fix function 'but_open_file', clean code  
7513 1061d 21h hidnplayr /programs/network/netstat/ Netstat: fix speed indicators  
7512 1061d 22h hidnplayr /programs/develop/libraries/http/ Bigger default buffer size, add API to change buffer size.  

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