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617 5087d 06h mikedld /programs/ Another small changes to Tinypad on the way to 4.1.0, added support for mouse wheel  
616 5090d 19h bw /programs/develop/fp/ FreePascal RTL  
615 5091d 18h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/crt/ update CLib startup code  
614 5091d 18h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/ update CLib  
613 5093d 19h serge /programs/develop/open watcom/trunk/clib/handleio/ handleio  
612 5095d 07h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/metcc/trunk/samples/files/ Example of work with files in TinyC.  
611 5095d 08h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/metcc/trunk/libc/include/ Added include files for libC.  
610 5095d 08h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/metcc/trunk/libc/ Update Kolibri version of libC library(for usage in TinyC).
Correction of various mistakes in functions of work with files.
For work with files 70 function is used.
Functions for work with memory are changed for use of the new manager of memory.
609 5095d 09h andrew_programmer /programs/develop/metcc/trunk/source/ Update Kolibri version of TinyC.Some bugfixes.  
608 5097d 06h alver /kernel/trunk/  
607 5109d 23h heavyiron /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ fasm 1.67.22  
606 5110d 07h mario79 /programs/media/jpegview/trunk/ jpegview 0.18
Open file with parameter in patch. Size of parameter - 4 bytes. Parameter starts with the character "\", the unused characters are filled by a blank (ASCII 20h).
'\T /hd0/1/1.jpg' - set background, mode: tile
'\S /hd0/1/1.jpg' - set background, mode: stretch
605 5112d 07h kaitz / Updated Tinypad translation
Translated rdsave
Kernel bootcode updates for Estonian
604 5117d 03h Rus /programs/system/rb/trunk/ @RB
- bug-fix and optimization
603 5117d 04h Rus /kernel/trunk/hid/ Optimized num pad part of keyboard  
602 5117d 08h Rus /programs/system/panel/trunk/ bag-fix of commit 601  
601 5117d 09h Rus /programs/system/panel/trunk/ @Panel
- added close context menu
600 5117d 14h Lrz /programs/system/run/trunk/ Update source cod  
599 5119d 02h spraid /kernel/trunk/ shade window Y=4
interval boot screen for "d" parameter
598 5120d 04h spraid / New iconstrp.gif for ICON by Leency
loader_doc.txt (by use bx register to set system directory)

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