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1633 4041d 01h serge /drivers/ devman: detect acpi irq  
1632 4041d 07h mario79 /programs/media/animage/trunk/ Animage
1) Program used function 68 instead 64 is now
2) Select path with OpenDialog
1631 4042d 08h serge /drivers/ ddk: update
devman: scan pci bus. Complete.
1630 4043d 21h serge /drivers/ radeon:fix compilation & minor updates  
1629 4043d 21h serge /kernel/trunk/ f62/pci_api: and again  
1628 4044d 08h serge /drivers/ devman: scan pci bus. Not yet complete.  
1627 4044d 21h serge /drivers/ ddk: fix strcpy
devman: scan pci root bus
1626 4045d 04h art_zh /kernel/branches/Kolibri-A/trunk/ a test version with FFT library inside kernel  
1625 4045d 12h serge /drivers/devman/ scan acpi bus and create device tree  
1624 4046d 01h mario79 /programs/develop/tinypad/trunk/ Tinypad 4.0.6 - select file path with OpenDialog for Load and Save.  
1623 4052d 05h mikedld /kernel/trunk/ fixed drivers compilation  
1622 4052d 22h mario79 /programs/system/hdd_info/ HDD Informer 0.2 (original autor Staper -
1) select path with OpenDialog,
2) show 2 different path for Info and SMART files
3) draw number of page
1621 4053d 22h mario79 /programs/system/mgb/trunk/ Kolibri Graphics Benchmark 0.4
(oldest MGB - Menuet Graphics Benchmark 0.3)
1) select path with OpenDialog,
2) use of Box_Lib and Proc_Lib,
3) support start with path for *.mgb file
4) optimization code and size of use memory
1620 4054d 02h IgorA /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ update 'fasm'  
1619 4054d 04h IgorA /programs/ 1) new function 'edit_box_set_text' in 'box_lib'
2) small updates in 'fasm', 'planet_v', 'nu_pogodi'
1618 4057d 16h lrz /programs/develop/libraries/box_lib/trunk/ Small change  
1617 4057d 22h IgorA /programs/develop/fasm/trunk/ 'fasm' use 'OpenDialog'  
1616 4058d 00h serge /drivers/ 1)rename libdrv -> libddk
2)thread safe malloc
3)linux dma_pool_*
1615 4058d 00h serge /kernel/trunk/core/ 1)kernel_free: set proper return value
2)export get_timer_ticks
1614 4059d 03h serge /kernel/trunk/ sysfn62: again and again...  

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