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9224 12h 47m Doczom /kernel/trunk/ update  
9223 13h 54m Doczom /kernel/trunk/ fix bug in my fix bug  
9222 14h 06m Doczom /kernel/trunk/ fix bug in sf 4  
9221 5d 13h dunkaist /kernel/trunk/ kernel: Fix window redraw after 1px move.

- window A is above window B, and
- window A has been moved,
then window B receives a redraw event.

But if that move was 1px right or down, window B didn't receive an event
because of off-by-one error. Now it's fixed.
9220 6d 20h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Make it compile by GCC  
9219 7d 07h punk_joker /kernel/trunk/blkdev/ ahci: name drives as sdX instead of hdX  
9218 7d 07h Boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Update README.txt  
9217 7d 21h Doczom /programs/system/amd_temp_view/ rename amd_temp_view.asm in AMDtemp.asm  
9216 9d 05h dunkaist /programs/ libcrash: sync with upstream.

* Implement new algorithms:
- MACs: Poly1305, HMAC (SHA2_256, SHA2_512),
- ciphers: ChaCha20, AES256CTR, AES256CBC.
* Remove MD4 hash.
* Change API (it happens).
* Update crashtest example.
9215 9d 05h dunkaist /data/ Autobuild: fix autobuild without GCC.

mtar.obj is compiled with GCC. Move it to the corresponding section of a
Tupfile to not break asm-only builds.
9214 19d 10h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/PDCurses/ Added PDCurses library(uses SDL)  
9213 19d 12h turbocat /contrib/games/wolf3d/ Wolf3D: uSDL is no longer needed.  
9212 19d 12h turbocat /contrib/games/opentyrian/SDL/ OpenTyrian:
- uSDL_Delay is no longer needed.
9211 19d 12h turbocat /contrib/sdk/sources/SDL-1.2.2_newlib/src/ SDL:
- Fixed SDL_Delay.
- Refactoring
9210 20d 12h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: minor fixes, refactoring  
9209 23d 13h hidnplayr /programs/develop/mtdbg/ Bugfix from 'Jurgen' for repne scasw / repnz stosw and handling of unknown/invalid opcodes.
See for details.
9208 25d 13h akron1 /programs/develop/cedit/ CEDIT: internal changes  
9207 27d 10h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/ Added libshell for TCC  
9206 27d 11h turbocat /data/ Added SDL headers to ISO for TCC  
9205 27d 11h turbocat /programs/develop/ktcc/trunk/bin/lib/ Loaded libSDL.a, libsound.a and updated libc.obj.a for tcc.  

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