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9943 2 d 14 h turbocat /kernel/trunk/boot/ Fixed typo in "blue screen"  
9942 2 d 15 h turbocat /kernel/trunk/ Fixed a "blue screen" hang when trying to write a configuration to a read-only device  
9941 2 d 18 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] Graphics subsystem has been redesigned:
- removed the old cursor and the code for its operation
- minor fixes in other kernel modules
- new fields have been added to the display_t structure for further refactoring of the graphics subsystem.
9940 3 d 3 h IgorA /programs/bcc32/ bcc32: add rasterworks example  
9939 3 d 14 h leency /data/ move dgen to a proper place of Tupfile (by turbocat)  
9938 11 d 11 h leency /kernel/trunk/boot/ Starting Blue screen:
- The next message was improved: "New settings have been applied. Do you want to record them for the future boots? Answer 'yes' only if your booting device is writable." to avoid users saving changes on CD. This is a bug 'cos normally such behaviour must be handeled in the code
- Hide option "Create blank image" which is outdated now
9937 11 d 11 h leency /data/ Add DGEN (Sega) emulator to menu.dat of actual builds  
9936 13 d 14 h dunkaist /programs/demos/ScreenRuler/ Rename TUPFILE.LUA to Tupfile.lua

Yes, autobuild is case-sensitive.
9935 13 d 15 h spaceraven /programs/demos/ScreenRuler/ Deleting binary; correcting small mistakes in ScreenRuler.asm  
9934 13 d 17 h spaceraven /programs/demos/ScreenRuler/ New program - Screen Ruler, for measuring distance between 2 pixel on screen.  
9933 23 d 8 h dunkaist /programs/system/taskbar/trunk/ [taskbar] Add LCtrl+Esc hotkey to open/close menu  
9932 35 d 12 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] cleared the code of unnecessary comments  
9931 36 d 0 h boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL][TEST] Run UMKa tests if enabled.

Before this commit UMKa was downloaded, but none of its tests had been executed. Now it executes all the tagged UMKa tests (41 for now). Some tags had been excluded, like #acpi, because the ACPI subsystem is still under development.
9930 37 d 13 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] The window subsystem has been redesigned:
-extended WDATA structures up to 128 bytes
-added the background_windows constant
-the draw_data array has been deleted
-APPDATA.window and WDATA.thread fields added
-minor fixes in the operation of external file system drivers
9929 41 d 15 h boppan /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] Trigger GitHub mirror sync.  
9928 49 d 15 h boppan /_tools/workspace/ [WS] Make work on modern qemu  
9927 49 d 20 h boppan /programs/develop/clink/ [clink] Make it able to read and write more than 64k - 1 COFF relocation

These are changes from two commits from the upstream clink repo ( and one commit from the upstream epep repo (


Commit e63ed12ead17e47d77e848da0e7b9f4dd3ad5127
Bugfix: Make it able to write more than 64k - 1 COFF relocations

If the relocation count is greater than 0xffff then it can't fit
in the NumberOfRelocations field of a section header. In order to
specify greater relocation count IMAGE_SCN_LNK_NRELOC_OVFL flag
should be added to Characteristics and the actual relocation count
should be written into VirtualAddress field of the first COFF

Commit 328fc3112a30fcaa808f2cad34028a6507d602a3
Bugfix: Make it able to read more than 64k - 1 COFF relocations

New EPEP API allows to read more than 64k - 1 relocations. Use it
when reading relocation count for filling SectionInfo and when
reading relocations for wriring the output file.


Commit 3bed4e348a486c346d0a452c58c1d85e1805c09d
Feature: Higher-level COFF relocations API

Number of COFF relocations of a section is stored in the 16-bit
NumberOfRelocations field of a section header. If a COFF object has
more than 2^16 - 1 relocations, then the value does not fit in the

To solve this problem, IMAGE_SCN_LNK_NRELOC_OVFL flag of a section
header has been introduced. If this flag is set for the section,
then the actual number of relocations is stored in the
VirtualAddress field of the first relocation.

If the flag is set, then NumberOfRelocations field of the section
header should be equal to 0xffff, othervice the linker should give
an error.

So this patch introduces few functions adressing this mechanism.


Checks whether the section has more than 2^16 - 1 relocations.
Retrns error if the IMAGE_SCN_LNK_NRELOC_OVFL flag is set, but
the NumberOfRelocations field is not equal to 0xffff.


Reads the number of COFF relocations from the VirtualAddress
field of the first COFF relocation.


Gives the number of meaningful relocations of the section.

If the section has less than 2^16 relocations, then returns the
value of the NumberOfRelocations field of the section header,
othervice reads the number of relocations from the first COFF
relocation, but: since the first relocation in this case is not
meaningful, gives the actual number of relocations minus one.
This is used in the function documented below.

Returns 1 in the last argument if the section contains extended
number of relocations, 0 othervice.


If the section has less than 2^16 relocations, then just reads
a relocation by the given index. In case if the section has
extended number of relocations, the first relocation is not
meaningful, so it is skipped, and the relocation at index + 1
is read instead.
9926 91 d 18 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] the window subsystem was refactored, WDATA structures were expanded and magic numbers were replaced with constants  
9925 95 d 7 h Doczom /kernel/trunk/ [KERNEL] fixed a bug in rev 9917  
9924 96 d 19 h Doczom / [SDHCI] Added new driver on SD host controller  

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