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  1. Installation:
  2. Step 1. Copy files mtldr and kolibri.img to C:\
  3.         (You do not want to use C:\? Read remarks below.)
  5. Step 2a) For users of NT-family (NT/2k/XP/2003 Server (?)):
  6.         add to boot.ini to the section [operating systems] line
  7. c:\mtldr="KolibriOS"
  8.         (either open c:\boot.ini with any text editor, or through
  9.          Control Panel -> System -> Advanced -> Startup and Recovery
  10.         -> Edit). You can change the title in quotes to anything you like,
  11.         under this title the system will appear to bootload list.
  12. Now at booting the screen of operating system choice will appear.
  14. Step 2b) For users of 9x-family (95/98)
  15. (probably it works also for some DOS):
  16.         add to config.sys line
  17. install=c:\mtldr
  18.         as first line, if you have simple linear config.sys,
  19.         as first line in the corresponding section, if config.sys
  20.         is divided to sections (and begins with [menu])
  21. Now at booting mtldr will ask: "Load KolibriOS? [y/n]: " and wait for press
  22. one of 'y','Y','n','N'.
  24. It does not work for Windows Millenium, because loader of WinME does not
  25. load external code referenced by config.sys. (Thanks to camper for pointing
  26. to this sad fact.) Use 9x2klbr.
  28. Step 2c) For Vista users:
  29.         open command line with administrator rights
  30.                 (the variant "Run as administrator" in context menu);
  31.         if you do not plan install many Kolibri variants as described
  32.         in remarks, simply run vista_install.bat
  33.         otherwise execute the following commands:
  34. bcdedit /create /d "KolibriOS" /application BOOTSECTOR
  35.         (You can replace the string in quotes with anything you like,
  36.         this is the title for system in boot list.)
  37.         The following message must appear:
  38. "The record {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} was successfully created."
  39.         In the next commands place obtained value (it is different on
  40.         different machines and different runs).
  41. bcdedit /set {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} DEVICE PARTITION=C:
  42. bcdedit /set {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} PATH \mtldr
  43. bcdedit /displayorder {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} /addlast
  45. To remove mtldr, in cases 2a) and 2b) delete entered data from boot.ini or
  46. config.sys accordingly. To remove in case 2c), do the following:
  48. vista_remove.bat, if you install through vista_install.bat;
  49. bcdedit /delete {xxxxxxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxxxxxxxxxx} in general case
  51. If you do not remember assigned to mtldr GUID (this is normal), you can
  52. find it out by running bcdedit without arguments and finding in displayed list
  53. corresponding item.
  55. In all cases in KolibriOS screen of parameter choice you can
  56. on the question about image (item d, "floppy image"), answer "3"
  57. (use already loaded image).
  59. Remarks:
  61. 1. Now all this works only for file systems NTFS and FAT32, support for FAT16
  62. is not implemented because I think that now FAT16 is only historical object.
  63. If you use FAT16 and Windows and you do not want to go to FAT32 - mail me -
  64. possibly you will succeed in make me change my mind.
  66. 2. You do not need to place the loader mtldr itself to C:\. Under 9x and Vista
  67. it can be placed anywhere, in NT-family - on drive C:, but not necessary in
  68. root folder. (Of course, when installing, you must use instead of c:\mtldr
  69. the real path and the real name of the file.)
  71. 3. You do not need to place the image kolibri.img to C:\. You can without
  72. any changes in install use root folder of any logical drive, located on
  73. first physical.
  75. 4. Do you want to use logical drive on other physical drive? You can use
  76. any from following variants:
  77. a) (If you can work with FASM) In the sources (which can be downloaded from
  78., in the same place with loader itself) change
  79.    the constant boot_drive (located at the end of mtldr.asm) from 80h to
  80.    identifier of disk, 80h for first, 81h for second and so on. Recompile.
  81. b) (If you can use hex-editor) Change the byte at offset 0xD98 from 80h to
  82.    identifier of disk (as in a)).
  83. c) Use mtldr_install (you can download it in the same place). It will
  84.    config and install loader.
  86. 5. Do you dislike root folder? There is two variants:
  87. a) In the sources change the constant kolibri_img_name (end of mtldr.asm)
  88.    to path to root. For example, for C:\Program Files\kolibri\kolibri.img
  89.    write 'progra~1\kolibri\kolibri.img' (use 8.3 names). Recompile.
  90. b) Use mtldr_install.
  92. 6. Your wishes, remarks, suggestions are welcome on mail, stated below.
  94.                                                 diamond
  95.                                                 mailto: