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  3. The purpose of the game is to open passage by moving hieroglyphs on entrance
  4. in the next room of the pharaoh tomb (8X8). You can exchange two hieroglyphs
  5. located near each other on vertical or horizontal if after such transposition
  6. a combination of three or more identical pictures abreast is generated. Such
  7. lines are disappeared immediately, and free place is filled by hieroglyphs
  8. which "falled" from top. Missing hieroglyphs are generated randomly. For
  9. disappearing hieroglyphs points are added. For combination of hieroglyphs
  10. number of points is calculated by formula L+(L+1)^(N-3), but no more than
  11. 20*L*N, where N is number of hieroglyphs in combination, and L is level number.
  12. To pass to the next level it is required to remove certain number of
  13. hieroglyphs (different on each level). From below of panel with hieroglyphs is
  14. located field which indicates how many is passed and how many is remained.
  16. 1st level - 500
  17. 2nd level - 450
  18. 3rd level - 400
  19. 4th level - 350
  20. 5th level - 300
  21. 6th level and further - 50*(L+1)
  23. On the first level combinations are composed from 6 states of hieroglyphs.
  24. With each new level one new hieroglyph is involved, but no more than 10
  25. (i.e. starting from 5th level and further 10 different hieroglyphs are
  26. involved, not counting special ones).
  28. Starting from 2nd level for each combination from 4 and more hieroglyphs,
  29. and also for passing each fourth of level the player gets "free" hieroglyph -
  30. it is usual hieroglyph (generated randomly), which keeps "in pocket" of player
  31. and can be necessarily inserted by player to any place and replace thus
  32. located there hieroglyph.
  34. Starting from 3rd level for each combination from 5 and more hieroglyphs,
  35. and also for passing each third of level the player gets "universal key",
  36. which matches to any combination of hieroglyphs and to several different
  37. combination simultaneously.
  39. Starting from 4th level for each combination from 6 and more hieroglyphs,
  40. and also for passing a half of level the player gets "space crooker",
  41. which allows, when is used, to make 3 moves (not obligatory successive) at
  42. diagonal.
  44. The player can not have simultaneously more than 1 extra hieroglyph of each
  45. type (1 usual, 1 joker and 1 crooker).
  47. The game is ended, if the player can not make any combination with existing
  48. hieroglyphs.