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Ignore whitespace Rev 7326 → Rev 7327

179,75 → 179,8
dd undefined_syscall ; 78-free
dd undefined_syscall ; 79-free
dd fileSystemUnicode ; 80-File system interface for different encodings
dd setInt0x40 ; 81-Implementation of the function in the system
times 255 - ( ($-servetable2) /4 ) dd undefined_syscall
dd sys_end ; -1-end application
; Author Pavel Iakovlev
align 32
shl eax, 2
push dword [memNewFunctionTable + eax]
pop dword [tempPointerAlloc]
mov eax, dword [memOldFunctionTable + eax]
call dword [tempPointerAlloc]
align 4
and ebx, 0FFh
shl ebx, 2
mov eax, dword [servetable2 + ebx]
sub esi, edx
add esi, 16
stdcall kernel_alloc, esi
mov dword [tempPointerAlloc], eax
push ebx
mov eax, dword [tempPointerAlloc]
mov ebx, eax
add eax, esi
sub eax, edx
push edx
push ecx
mov cl, byte[edx]
mov byte[ebx], cl
inc ebx
inc edx
cmp ebx, eax
jne loopCopyMemory
pop ecx
pop edx
pop ebx
mov eax, dword [tempPointerAlloc]
mov esi, dword [servetable2 + ebx]
cmp esi, undefined_syscall
jne .step1
sub ecx, edx
add eax, ecx
mov dword [servetable2 + ebx], eax
mov dword [memOldFunctionTable + ebx], esi
sub ecx, edx
add eax, ecx
mov dword [memNewFunctionTable + ebx], eax
mov dword [servetable2 + ebx], callSet0x40
align 4
tempPointerAlloc dd 0
memOldFunctionTable: times 255 dd 0
memNewFunctionTable: times 255 dd 0