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Ignore whitespace Rev 7298 → Rev 7299

526,7 → 526,7
; Make the device a bus master
invoke PciRead32, [ebx + device.pci_bus], [ebx + device.pci_dev], PCI_header00.command
invoke PciWrite32, [ebx + device.pci_bus], [ebx + device.pci_dev], PCI_header00.command, eax
; Soft reset the chip
544,6 → 544,9
jz @f
udelay 10
loop @b
DEBUGF 2,"chip reset timeout\n"
or eax, -1
566,7 → 569,7
DEBUGF 2, "Detected chip: %s\n", ecx
cmp dword[esi], 0
jne @f
DEBUGF 2, "TxConfig = 0x%x\n", eax
DEBUGF 1, "TxConfig = 0x%x\n", eax
xor eax, eax
691,7 → 694,7
DEBUGF 2,"failed!\n"
DEBUGF 2,"reset failed!\n"
or eax, -1
1341,149 → 1344,117
; 8168EP family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50200000, 51, name_49
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50100000, 50, name_49
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50000000, 49, name_49
; 8168E+ family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50200000, 51, sz_rtl8168ep
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50100000, 50, sz_rtl8168ep
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50000000, 49, sz_rtl8168ep
; 8168H family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x54100000, 46, name_45
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x54000000, 45, name_45
; 8168H family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x54100000, 46, sz_rtl8168h
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x54000000, 45, sz_rtl8168h
; 8168G family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x5c800000, 44, name_44
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50900000, 42, name_40
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x4c100000, 41, name_40
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x4c000000, 40, name_40
; 8168G family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x5c800000, 44, sz_rtl8411
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x50900000, 42, sz_rtl8168g
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x4c100000, 41, sz_rtl8168g
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x4c000000, 40, sz_rtl8168g
; 8168F family.
dd 0x7c800000, 0x48800000, 38, name_38
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x48100000, 36, name_35
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x48000000, 35, name_35
; 8168F family
dd 0x7c800000, 0x48800000, 38, sz_rtl8411
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x48100000, 36, sz_rtl8168f
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x48000000, 35, sz_rtl8168f
; 8168E family.
dd 0x7c800000, 0x2c800000, 34, name_34
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x2c200000, 33, name_32
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x2c100000, 32, name_32
dd 0x7c800000, 0x2c000000, 33, name_32
; 8168E family
dd 0x7c800000, 0x2c800000, 34, sz_rtl8168evl
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x2c200000, 33, sz_rtl8168e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x2c100000, 32, sz_rtl8168e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x2c000000, 33, sz_rtl8168e
; 8168D family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28300000, 26, name_25
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28100000, 25, name_25
dd 0x7c800000, 0x28000000, 26, name_25
; 8168D family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28300000, 26, sz_rtl8168d
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28100000, 25, sz_rtl8168d
dd 0x7c800000, 0x28000000, 26, sz_rtl8168d
; 8168DP family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28800000, 27, name_27
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28a00000, 28, name_27
; 8168D+ family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28800000, 27, sz_rtl8168dp
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x28a00000, 28, sz_rtl8168dp
; 8168C family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3cb00000, 24, name_18
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c900000, 23, name_18
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c800000, 18, name_18
dd 0x7c800000, 0x3c800000, 24, name_18
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c000000, 19, name_19
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c200000, 20, name_19
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c300000, 21, name_19
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c400000, 22, name_19
dd 0x7c800000, 0x3c000000, 22, name_19
; 8168C family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3cb00000, 24, sz_rtl8168p
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c900000, 23, sz_rtl8168p
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c800000, 18, sz_rtl8168p
dd 0x7c800000, 0x3c800000, 24, sz_rtl8168p
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c000000, 19, sz_rtl8168c
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c200000, 20, sz_rtl8168c
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c300000, 21, sz_rtl8168c
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x3c400000, 22, sz_rtl8168c
dd 0x7c800000, 0x3c000000, 22, sz_rtl8168c
; 8168B family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x38000000, 12, name_11
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x38500000, 17, name_10
dd 0x7c800000, 0x38000000, 17, name_10
dd 0x7c800000, 0x30000000, 11, name_11
; 8168B family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x38000000, 12, sz_rtl8168b
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x38500000, 17, sz_rtl8101e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x38000000, 17, sz_rtl8101e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x30000000, 11, sz_rtl8168b
; 8101 family.
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x44900000, 39, name_39
dd 0x7c800000, 0x44800000, 39, name_39
dd 0x7c800000, 0x44000000, 37, name_37
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x40b00000, 30, name_29
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x40a00000, 30, name_29
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x40900000, 29, name_29
dd 0x7c800000, 0x40800000, 30, name_29
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34a00000, 09, name_07
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x24a00000, 09, name_07
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34900000, 08, name_07
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x24900000, 08, name_07
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34800000, 07, name_07
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x24800000, 07, name_07
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34000000, 13, name_10
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34300000, 10, name_10
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34200000, 16, name_11
dd 0x7c800000, 0x34800000, 09, name_07
dd 0x7c800000, 0x24800000, 09, name_07
dd 0x7c800000, 0x34000000, 16, name_11
dd 0xfc800000, 0x38800000, 15, name_14
dd 0xfc800000, 0x30800000, 14, name_14
; 8101 family
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x44900000, 39, sz_rtl8106e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x44800000, 39, sz_rtl8106e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x44000000, 37, sz_rtl8402
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x40b00000, 30, sz_rtl8105e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x40a00000, 30, sz_rtl8105e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x40900000, 29, sz_rtl8105e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x40800000, 30, sz_rtl8105e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34a00000, 09, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x24a00000, 09, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34900000, 08, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x24900000, 08, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34800000, 07, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x24800000, 07, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34000000, 13, sz_rtl8101e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34300000, 10, sz_rtl8101e
dd 0x7cf00000, 0x34200000, 16, sz_rtl8168b
dd 0x7c800000, 0x34800000, 09, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x24800000, 09, sz_rtl8102e
dd 0x7c800000, 0x34000000, 16, sz_rtl8168b
dd 0xfc800000, 0x38800000, 15, sz_rtl8100e
dd 0xfc800000, 0x30800000, 14, sz_rtl8100e
; 8110 family.
dd 0xfc800000, 0x98000000, 06, name_05
dd 0xfc800000, 0x18000000, 05, name_05
dd 0xfc800000, 0x10000000, 04, name_04
dd 0xfc800000, 0x04000000, 03, name_03
dd 0xfc800000, 0x00800000, 02, name_02
dd 0xfc800000, 0x00000000, 01, name_01
; 8110 family
dd 0xfc800000, 0x98000000, 06, sz_rtl8169sc
dd 0xfc800000, 0x18000000, 05, sz_rtl8169sc
dd 0xfc800000, 0x10000000, 04, sz_rtl8169sb
dd 0xfc800000, 0x04000000, 03, sz_rtl8110s
dd 0xfc800000, 0x00800000, 02, sz_rtl8169s
dd 0xfc800000, 0x00000000, 01, sz_rtl8169
; Catch-all
dd 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0, name_unknown
dd 0x00000000, 0x00000000, 0, sz_unknown
; PCI-devices
name_01 db "RTL8169",0
name_02 db "RTL8169s",0
name_03 db "RTL8110s",0
name_04 db "RTL8169sb/8110sb",0
name_05 db "RTL8169sc/8110sc",0
;name_06 db "RTL8169sc/8110sc",0
sz_rtl8169 db "Realtek 8169",0
sz_rtl8169s db "Realtek 8169s",0
sz_rtl8110s db "Realtek 8110s",0
sz_rtl8169sb db "Realtek 8169sb/8110sb",0
sz_rtl8169sc db "Realtek 8169sc/8110sc",0
sz_rtl8102e db "Realtek 8102e",0
sz_rtl8101e db "Realtek 8101e",0
sz_rtl8168b db "Realtek 8168b/8111b",0
sz_rtl8100e db "Realtek 8100e",0
sz_rtl8168p db "Realtek 8168c+/8111c+",0
sz_rtl8168c db "Realtek 8168c/8111c",0
sz_rtl8168d db "Realtek 8168d/8111d",0
sz_rtl8168dp db "Realtek 8168d+/8111d+",0
sz_rtl8105e db "Realtek 8105e",0
sz_rtl8168e db "Realtek 8168e/8111e",0
sz_rtl8168evl db "Realtek 8168evl/8111evl",0
sz_rtl8168f db "Realtek 8168f/8111f",0
sz_rtl8402 db "Realtek 8402",0
sz_rtl8411 db "Realtek 8411",0
sz_rtl8106e db "Realtek 8106e",0
sz_rtl8168ep db "Realtek 8168e+",0
sz_rtl8168g db "Realtek 8168g/8111g",0
sz_rtl8168h db "Realtek 8168h/8111h",0
sz_unknown db "unknown RTL8169 rev",0
; PCI-E devices
name_07 db "RTL8102e",0
;name_08 db "RTL8102e",0
;name_09 db "RTL8102e",0
name_10 db "RTL8101e",0
name_11 db "RTL8168b/8111b",0
;name_12 db "RTL8168b/8111b",0
;name_13 db "RTL8101e",0
name_14 db "RTL8100e",0
;name_15 db "RTL8100e",0
;name_16 db "RTL8168b/8111b",0
;name_17 db "RTL8101e",0
name_18 db "RTL8168cp/8111cp",0
name_19 db "RTL8168c/8111c",0
;name_20 db "RTL8168c/8111c",0
;name_21 db "RTL8168c/8111c",0
;name_22 db "RTL8168c/8111c",0
;name_23 db "RTL8168cp/8111cp",0
;name_24 db "RTL8168cp/8111cp",0
name_25 db "RTL8168d/8111d",0
;name_26 db "RTL8168d/8111d",0
name_27 db "RTL8168dp/8111dp",0
;name_28 db "RTL8168dp/8111dp",0
name_29 db "RTL8105e",0
;name_30 db "RTL8105e",0
;name_31 db "RTL8168dp/8111dp",0
name_32 db "RTL8168e/8111e",0
;name_33 db "RTL8168e/8111e",0
name_34 db "RTL8168evl/8111evl",0
name_35 db "RTL8168f/8111f",0
;name_36 db "RTL8168f/8111f",0
name_37 db "RTL8402",0
name_38 db "RTL8411",0
name_39 db "RTL8106e",0
name_40 db "RTL8168g/8111g",0
;name_41 db "RTL8168g/8111g",0
;name_42 db "RTL8168g/8111g",0
;name_43 db "RTL8106e",0
name_44 db "RTL8411",0
name_45 db "RTL8168h/8111h",0
;name_46 db "RTL8168h/8111h",0
name_47 db "RTL8107e",0
;name_48 db "RTL8107e",0
name_49 db "RTL8168ep/8111ep",0
;name_50 db "RTL8168ep/8111ep",0
;name_51 db "RTL8168ep/8111ep",0
name_unknown db "unknown RTL8169 clone",0
align 4
devices dd 0
device_list rd MAX_DEVICES ; This list contains all pointers to device structures the driver is handling