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# This is not a independent Makefile; it is auxiliary file
# included from main Makefile.
# It depends on the following variables and macro:
# $(FASM_PROGRAMS) is a list of all programs to build with FASM rule;
# $(binarypart) is a macro which converts from $(1)=item of $(FASM_PROGRAMS)
# to space-escaped full name of binary, $(respace) unescapes spaces;
# $(fbinary) and $(fsource) gives space-unescaped full name of binary
# and source (respectively) of $(f)=item of $(FASM_PROGRAMS).
# Define the rule for all FASM programs.
# Yes, this looks like a black magic.
# But it is not so scary as it seems.
# First, we define "meta-rule" as a rule which is
# macro depending on $(fasmprog).
# Second, the construction foreach+eval creates
# usual rules, one for each $(fasmprog) in $(FASM_PROGRAMS).
# Note that meta-rule is double-expanded, first
# time as the arg of eval - it is the place where $(fasmprog)
# gets expanded - and second time as the rule;
# so all $ which are expected to expand at the second time should be escaped.
# And all $ which are expected to be expanded by the shell should be escaped
# twice, so they become $$$$.
# The arguments of macro fasm_meta_rule:
# $(1) = name of binary file,
# $(2) = name of main source file.
# $(3) = folder of binary file - without spaces.
# $(4) = name of program - without path and extension,
define fasm_meta_rule
$(1): $(2) Makefile.fasm .deps/.dir $$(call respace,$$(addsuffix .dir,$(3)))
fasm -m 65536 $$< "$$@" -s .deps/$(4).fas
prepsrc .deps/$(4).fas /dev/null
prepsrc .deps/$(4).fas /dev/stdout | (echo -n '$(1):' && \
perl -ne 's|\\|/|g;print " \\\n $$$$1" if /^;include \x27(.*?)\x27/' \
&& echo) > .deps/$(4).Po
kpack --nologo "$$@"
-include .deps/$(4).Po
progname=$(call respace,$(basename $(notdir $(call binarypart,$(f)))))
binarydir=$(subst ./,,$(dir $(call binarypart,$(f))))
$(foreach f,$(FASM_PROGRAMS),$(eval $(call fasm_meta_rule,$(fbinary),$(fsource),$(binarydir),$(progname))))
# Rule for the kernel differs: it uses kerpack instead of kpack.
kernel.mnt: $(KERNEL)/kernel.asm Makefile.fasm .deps/.dir
fasm -m 65536 $< "$@" -s .deps/kernel.fas
prepsrc .deps/kernel.fas /dev/null
prepsrc .deps/kernel.fas /dev/stdout | (echo -n 'kernel.mnt:' && \
perl -ne 's|\\|/|g;print " \\\n $$1" if /^;include \x27(.*?)\x27/' \
&& echo) > .deps/kernel.Po
kerpack $@
-include .deps/kernel.Po