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Ignore whitespace Rev 5131 → Rev 5132

97,11 → 97,18
Files to be included in kolibri.iso and distribution kit outside of kolibri.img.
The first subitem of every item is name relative to the root of ISO or distribution kit,
the second is name of local file.
If the first subitem ends in /, the last component of local file name is appended.
The last component of the second subitem may contain '*'; if so, it will be expanded
according to usual rules, but without matching directories.
Tup does not allow a direct dependency on a file that is generated in a directory
other than where Tupfile.lua is and its children. Most files are generated
in the directory with Tupfile.lua; for other files, the item should contain
a named subitem "group=path/<groupname>" and the file should be put in <groupname>.
extra_files = {
{"/", build_type .. "/distr_data/autorun.inf"},
137,7 → 144,7
{"kolibrios/lib/avformat-55.dll", "common/lib/avformat-55.dll"},
{"kolibrios/lib/avutil-52.dll", "common/lib/avutil-52.dll"},
{"kolibrios/lib/freetype.dll", "common/lib/freetype.dll"},
{"kolibrios/lib/libc.dll", "common/lib/libc.dll"},
{"kolibrios/lib/libc.dll", "../contrib/sdk/bin/libc.dll", group = "../contrib/sdk/lib/<libc.dll.a>"},
{"kolibrios/lib/pixlib.dll", "common/lib/pixlib.dll"},
{"kolibrios/lib/swresample-0.dll", "common/lib/swresample-0.dll"},
{"kolibrios/lib/swscale-2.dll", "common/lib/swscale-2.dll"},
477,13 → 484,13
local g = tup.glob(v[2])
for j,x in ipairs(g) do
table.insert(result, {v[1], x})
table.insert(result, {v[1], x,})
if v.cp1251_from then
tup.definerule{inputs = {v.cp1251_from}, command = 'iconv -f cp866 -t cp1251 "%f" > "%o"', outputs = {v[2]}}
table.insert(result, {v[1], v[2]})
table.insert(result, {v[1], v[2],})
return result
517,7 → 524,7
-- tup does not want to see hidden files as dependencies
if not string.match(local_file, "/%.") then
table.insert(input_deps, local_file)
table.insert(input_deps, or local_file)
570,7 → 577,7
iso_files_list = ""
for i,v in ipairs(iso_extra_files) do
iso_files_list = iso_files_list .. ' "' .. v[1] .. '=' .. v[2] .. '"'
table.insert(input_deps, v[2])
table.insert(input_deps, or v[2])
-- generate tup rule for kolibri.iso
589,8 → 596,9
cp = 'cp "%f" "%o"'
tup.definerule{inputs = {"kolibri.img"}, command = cp, outputs = {"distribution_kit/kolibri.img"}}
for i,v in ipairs(distr_extra_files) do
cmd = cp:gsub("%%f", v[2]) -- input can be a group, we can't rely on tup's expansion of %f in this case
if string.sub(v[1], -1) == "/"
then tup.definerule{inputs = {v[2]}, command = cp, outputs = {"distribution_kit/" .. v[1] .. tup.file(v[2])}}
else tup.definerule{inputs = {v[2]}, command = cp, outputs = {"distribution_kit/" .. v[1]}}
then tup.definerule{inputs = { or v[2]}, command = cmd, outputs = {"distribution_kit/" .. v[1] .. tup.file(v[2])}}
else tup.definerule{inputs = { or v[2]}, command = cmd, outputs = {"distribution_kit/" .. v[1]}}