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7119 785d 07h dunkaist /skins/ Fix files, make them all the same.

Rename all the and to
Read BMP header size from file, don't hardcode.
Make all the skins use the same
Speed up compilation of skins.
6007 1487d 22h leency /skins/_old/Leency/ Shkvorka2, use global  
4789 2115d 04h yogev_ezra / Move skins that use the old skin framework to "skins/_old"  
2776 2777d 07h clevermouse /skins/ proper case for dtp names  
2769 2778d 10h leency /skins/Leency/L-Junior/ L-Junior skin: text case fixed  
2714 2790d 06h leency /skins/ skins: leency's skins updated