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7637 229d 16h leency / icons32.png: new folder and unknown file icons
genfiles: bigger fonts
new skin Workbench
Eolite scroll new style
7609 269d 15h leency / menu: fix fceu link
more fixes in skins
fix typo in hardware_support.htm
turn on speaker by default
7608 269d 16h leency /skins/ A lot of fixes in skins  
7550 391d 00h leency /skins/Leency/HydrogenOS/ upload HydrogenOS skin  
7256 594d 00h leency / add fNav and Bomber game icons, fix/update my skins and Night skin (moved from _old to ok), Eolite small fixes for big icons support  
7238 599d 19h leency /skins/ update Leency skins  
7237 599d 20h leency /skins/ move some my skins from _old to ok  
7180 637d 04h leency / update Blueberries skin and other small changes  
7119 740d 19h dunkaist /skins/ Fix files, make them all the same.

Rename all the and to
Read BMP header size from file, don't hardcode.
Make all the skins use the same
Speed up compilation of skins.
7102 779d 03h 0CodErr /skins/Leency/Shkvorka/ fix SkinMargins.Right  
6925 909d 02h leency /skins/Leency/KNX/ upload skin KNX  
6743 1110d 04h leency / replace Run by RunOD  
6728 1114d 01h leency / skins: upload ObsidianOS skin  
6651 1131d 02h leency / CMM: create pattern select_list (Yeah!), use in clipview, appearance; Blueberries skin small fixes  
6649 1131d 21h leency / Blueberries update, cmm dui fixes for dark skins  
6216 1393d 18h leency / Aelia: fix check_is_the_adress_local(), slighter font smooth
calc: fix dec-hex-bin 3d style button appearance
Blueberries skin: update
6207 1394d 17h leency / use autobuild default.skn instead prebuild file  
6206 1394d 17h leency /skins/Leency/ fix autobuild x_x'  
6205 1394d 17h leency /skins/ fix autobuild -_-''  
6204 1394d 17h leency /skins/Leency/ fix autobuild -_-'  

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