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6161 1889d 12h leency / Shkvorka: set 3d_light and 3d_dark colors  
6033 1922d 03h leency / default.skn: update to Shkvorka 2.1, move arcanii game to cd version, desktop app: wider buttons  
6012 1930d 17h leency /skins/_old/Leency/ Shkvorka: update colors  
6010 1932d 15h leency /skins/_old/Leency/ Shkvorka: update button color, add bordered version  
6007 1933d 01h leency /skins/_old/Leency/ Shkvorka2, use global  
5700 2071d 07h leency /skins/_old/Leency/Shkvorka/ fix file letters case  
5699 2071d 07h leency /skins/ Upload Shkvorka skin  
5098 2402d 13h clevermouse / switch build system to Tup  
4971 2496d 09h Akyltist /skins/loggy/ skin "loggy" fix colors  
4794 2559d 23h Akyltist /skins/loggy/ add new skin "loggy"  
4792 2560d 05h yogev_ezra /skins/ Fix skins.  
4789 2560d 06h yogev_ezra / Move skins that use the old skin framework to "skins/_old"  
4579 2606d 13h clevermouse /skins/Leency/OpusN/ remove binary FASM.EXE committed by leency  
4408 2662d 07h leency /skins/night/ night skin update  
4406 2662d 09h leency /skins/Leency/OpusN/ fix OpusN skin  
4405 2662d 09h leency /skins/Leency/OpusN/ OpusN skin upload. Based on Opus D skin. Flat.  
4404 2662d 09h leency /skins/Leency/Octo_flat/ Octo flat skin upload  
3754 2838d 04h GerdtR /skins/win8/ Added skin Win8  
3398 2943d 13h leency /skins/Leency/ add latte skin  
3190 3001d 07h hidnplayr /skins/Nova_skins/ Fixing nova skins  

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