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2791 3017d 16h clevermouse /skins/ add missing sources of skins for autobuild  
2776 3018d 12h clevermouse /skins/ proper case for dtp names  
2775 3018d 12h clevermouse /skins/ lowercase names of some folders  
2774 3018d 12h clevermouse /skins/WindowsXP/ fix dtp references renamed in r2773  
2773 3018d 12h clevermouse /skins/ get rid of brackets in skin names, I said  
2772 3018d 12h clevermouse /skins/ get rid of brackets in skin names  
2771 3018d 13h clevermouse /skins/ add missing compiled DTPs  
2769 3019d 15h leency /skins/Leency/L-Junior/ L-Junior skin: text case fixed  
2768 3019d 15h leency /skins/Leency/ Area[] -> AreaSq  
2760 3020d 14h leency /skins/Leency/ skins: update skins from Leency (+Octo, +Luna)  
2757 3024d 16h leency /skins/ skins: /sins/gskin folder deleted as duplicate of /skins/gnome_style  
2756 3024d 16h leency /skins/gnome_style/ skins: delete duplicate /skind/gnome_style/gliteskin  
2755 3024d 18h clevermouse /skins/ move skin folders to lowercase  
2754 3025d 12h clevermouse /skins/ reorganize some folders in skins/ to match the generic rule  
2714 3031d 10h leency /skins/ skins: leency's skins updated  
2517 3096d 12h leency /skins/first_skin/ fists KolibriOS skin added  
1804 3520d 07h yogev_ezra /skins/ Add the list of skins authors.  
1793 3520d 12h yogev_ezra /skins/ Add 'skins' collection to SVN.